summer skin tip

The Top Five Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

summer skin tip

Summer is nearly here! It’s time to prepare yourself for an increase of the skin you show daily so you look great 🙂 What are the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair, smooth your feet, and give luster to your skin? And, should you rely on DIY remedies or get it treatments at a skin spa?

Here are 5 tips to get looking great for this summer!

1.)  Hair Removal

Shaving and waxing are the most familiar methods for elimination. Both are do-it-yourself operations that are inexpensive and take little time to accomplish.

The con to these methods is skin redness, irritation, and they do not last very long. And these are exacerbated when in direct contact with the sun. Coating areas with a quality oil-free sunscreen ahead of time minimizes these problems. Allowing the skin to rest for a few days also helps.

In addition to these DIY methods, consider laser hair removal. This is a noninvasive method to remove unwanted hair in large areas without redness or irritation, and you will never need to shave again. Laser hair removal has become a very popular and affordable solution to safe, permanent, hair removal.

2.) Acne removal

A simple regimen of exfoliating and treatment is used to remove normal levels of acne. Dead skin cells can be removed with an salicylic acid-based wash. After this step, apply a cream or ointment with benzoyl peroxide. This quickly gets under the skin to destroy acne-creating bacteria.

Those with sensitive skin should utilize a blue light acne remover. Five minutes of exposure to affected areas will do the same work while preventing additional irritation.

Another great treatment for acne and acne scarring is a chemical peel. Chemical Peels give a whole lot of BANG for the BUCK!

The most critical part of acne removal is to not pick at infected areas. This causes its continual spread and possible infection.

3.) Buffing

The benefit to exfoliating is it sloughs off dead skin to reveal natural luster. Your skin glows and looks younger when exfoliating is done properly. The con occurs if a DIY process removes good cells. Experts recommend the use of rotating cleaning brushes or scrubs made with granular ingredients that slowly dissolve into the skin to avoid irritation.

A great professional service to look into is microdermabrasion or facial treatments. This mechanically exfoliates the skin with micro crystals to remove dead cells and smooth irregularities.

4.) Eliminating cellulite

The permanent way to remove cellulite is to exercise, eat a proper diet, and stay hydrated. However, while this takes place, creams containing caffeine and theophylline can be massaged into problem areas to dehydrate fat deposits.

Another way to treat cellulite is with Body Contouring Wraps. Originally developed by a biochemist at UCLA Medical Center, this treatment increases the flow of lymphatic and circulatory systems to cleanse tissues. The result is inch loss and removal of fat deposits.

The newest treatment that is today’s rave is CoolSculpting® Nonsurgical Fat Elimination. Men and Women are turning to CoolSculpting® to remove excess fat effectively and without surgery!

5.) Treating feet

Because they’ve been in shoes and boots all winter, a person’s feet may need the most work to get ready for the summer.

Spa treatments can help remove dry skin while a heavy emollient cream smooths their surfaces. This can also be done on a DIY basis by covering the feet in cream, wrapping them with plastic wrap, and wearing cotton socks. In addition, a professional pedicure will help your feet look cute in your summer sandals!

Don’t wait long to manage your skin for the summer. Review the options above to see what’s right for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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