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Who we are

Advanced Skin Therapy is a medical spa specializing in all things anti-aging and all things that make clients feel better about themselves. We are woman-owned and a team of 10 spectacularly skilled providers. We encourage everyone to read each team members bio but in addition, I will lay out an overview of our philosophy, services and team members.

Philosophy: One thing that we are strong advocates of is the fact that if any of our clientele is unsatisfied with any service that they have had here, we ask that you simply bring it to our attention as we always want to and will make it right for you. That is our motto and the creed that we live by here. A saying that I often leave with a client that I have personally provided for is: “If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please bring it to our attention. We cannot help you, if we do not know about it”. We are absolutely grateful for the trust and confidence that our clients lend to us. What we know and understand without question is that: Without satisfied and happy clients, we wouldn’t be in business and wouldn’t gain the reviews and feedback that we are so honored to garner. Thank you all for your participation and trust in us!

Services: Whew! This is an area of substance and one where we believe all bases have been covered. Everyone has something that is concerning to them. Whatever that is, we have an option for you. While services can get overwhelming (we understand this), there are options for everyone excluding invasive surgical procedures. Every service we provide is considered non-invasive but that does not mean that some may not require some form of “down-time”. You will always know this ahead of time and it vary in degree of course.

Consultations: Every service that we offer comes with a free consultation so that you can be educated and decide which is best option(s) for you with the assistance of our team.

Our Staff


Back Desk Manager
Body Sculpting

I have been working in the medical field since 2012, in that time I worked as a medical receptionist, call center rep., NA-C, MA-C, phlebotomist, social services, and admissions for a Skilled Nursing facility. 

I am passionate about expanding my medical knowledge and enjoy being a part of my hometown health and wellness! When I’m not working, I spend time with my many animals!



Medical Aesthetician

I am known for my quiet disposition and gentle touch but I have a result driven mindset. I am passionate about helping clients achieve the youthful glowing skin they’ve always wanted based on their individual needs. I believe in educating each of my clients to properly care for their skin using different resurfacing modalities to enhance their appearance and confidence. My main goal is to help clients achieve optimal results for all skin and body concerns with a comprehensive treatment plan that works both at the medical spa and at home. 



Medical Aesthetician

I was born and raised in a small town in Whatcom County, where women invested so much into their hair and clothing, but not their skin. After a lifetime of envying all the beautiful skin I saw on TV and magazines, I made the jump to become a L.M.E., to be able to provide the most thorough skin care treatments for my clients and give them the joy of loving their skin. I shortly after graduating became the owner/operating of my own day spa. I don’t have a ‘favorite’ treatment, I enjoy the full gamut of skin care procedures and products.
I am a proud LEO wife and mother of three beautiful teenagers. As a recent transplant to Marysville, I am acclimatizing quickly and after 6 years in the industry, finding this fantastic medical spa just fit perfectly into our new life in Snohomish County. 



Front Desk


Medical Aesthetician / Body

One of my favorite services to provide is IPL. I truly love watching the transformation of pigment with this particular service.  I take pride in not just providing excellent services, but also in educating my clients.

I have always been interested in skin care and the medical field. In high school I took many medical classes, including sports medicine 1 and 2 and medical terminology. When I was 19, I enrolled in Cosmetology school, and quickly found that I enjoyed skin care more than hair. Upon completing my Cosmetology schooling, I went right back for my Aesthetics and Master Aesthetics license.

Teddy O.

Medical Aesthetician

I have been a licensed esthetician for 4 yrs.  Before entering school, I had a real passion for lash extensions, makeup application and skin care. To me my quality of work reflects exactly this.  There is no better feeling than helping my clients reach their beauty goals and I strive to exceed their expectations.

Aside from lash extensions, I recently graduated the Instructor Training program at Evergreen Beauty School and also became a certified Cool Sculpting Technician. I am passionate about my career and look forward to working with you to meet all of your lash and body sculpting goals.

Rochelle – A.R.N.P

Medical Director

I am a lifetime resident of the Arlington area and graduate of Arlington High School. I went on to pursue a career in nursing, graduate of Skagit Valley College ADN RN, completed my Bachelors of Nursing Science at University of Washington, and finished with an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner degree from Gonzaga University.

In addition, I’ve had 16 years of nursing experience including Burns, Plastics and Pediatrics at Harborview as well as the Emergency Department at Skagit Valley Hospital.

I pride myself in having a great deal of experience that allows me to provide safe care for our clients and I thoroughly enjoy the happiness and confidence that cosmetic treatments provide. Learning the importance of self-image was easy for me after working in the burn unit because I developed a love for helping people feel great about themselves.

Cosmetic Injections are a beautiful extension for me and I look forward to working with Advanced Skin Therapy and their vast clientele.

Jean – R.N. / B.S.N.

Aesthetic Nurse

Affectionately known as “Nurse Jean” to her patients, Jean Trost R.N., B.S.N. brings with her over 17 years of Aesthetic Nursing expertise to Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point.

Born and raised in rural Minnesota, Jean received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1982. In 1983, Jean relocated to Washington State where her nursing career thrived. In 1998, when Jean transitioned to aesthetic nursing, the field was truly in its infancy.

In the summer of 2002, when Botox Cosmetic was FDA approved and the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler came to market, Jean was noted as one of the very first R.N. injectors in the Seattle area and was named by Allergan as one of the top Botox Cosmetic injectors in Washington State in 2007.

Jean’s artistic eye for detail, along with her genuinely warm, gentle approach, consistently delivers optimal aesthetic results achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction and long-term patient loyalty.



Front Desk

Our Facility