where does collagen come from

What is Collagen Made of?

Collagen – Sources, Health Benefits & Types

What is collagen made of and what health benefits does it offer?

Collagen is a natural protein that your body creates which provides a number of health benefits — including necessary ones such as keeping your brain and heart healthy.

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what is collagen

What Is Collagen Made Of?

Where does collagen come from?

Collagen is produced naturally in the body and is a structural protein that has key functions in keeping your organs, muscles, hair, skin, joints, cartilage, and nails healthy.

Besides being naturally produced in the body, other collagen sources include:

  • Bovine collagen: this type of collagen can be consumed by drinking bone broth that is made from the bones of cattle. Benefits of bovine collagen include calcium, potassium, magnesium, and amino acids.
  • Marine collagen: this type of collagen is most available in the skin of fish. From the limited research that’s been done on it, its functions include protection from UV radiation, bone tissue growth, and anti-wrinkling properties.

Types of Collagen

Now that we’ve answered the question, what is collagen made from, let’s take a look at the different types of collagen and how they can be supplemented.

The four types of collagen include:

  • Type 1: 90% of the body’s collagen is type 1. It is necessary for the health of connective tissue, teeth, fibrous cartilage, skin, bones, and tendons.
  • Type 2: this type is found in cartilage and is necessary for cushioning the joints.
  • Type 3: this type of collagen is necessary for muscle, organ, and digestive function.
  • Type 4: this type of collagen is essential in forming cell membranes and tissue. It is also useful for joint and bone formation.

When it comes to adding collagen into the diet, collagen can be supplemented in several ways.

Collagen Powder

What is collagen powder made of? Collagen ingredients in collagen powders are comprised of animal bone, skin, and connective tissue.

Collagen Peptides

What are collagen peptides made of? Collagen peptides are made by breaking down whole collagen proteins into smaller parts.

Health Benefits of Collagen

Some of the main health benefits associated with collagen include:

  • Improving skin health and youthfulness.
  • Improves joint health and reduces joint pain.
  • Helps keep your bones healthy, preventing bone loss.
  • Helps individuals maintain a healthy weight and can aid in weight loss.
  • Appears to boost muscle mass.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Promotes nail and hair health.
  • Supports brain health and function.

Things That Deplete Collagen

Supplementing collagen, while important, is not the only way to maintain healthy levels of this youth-giving protein. Understanding things that deplete collagen ensures that you are able to avoid exposure to such elements and consequently maintain healthy collagen levels.

Things that deplete collagen and prevent its production include factors such as:

  • Unprotected sun exposure
  • Deficient Vitamin C
  • Lack of sleep
  • Excessive stress
  • Smoking

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