State-of-the-art lasers are used for tattoo removal of all colors (multi-color) as well as benign pigments of browns and reds in the skin. The laser with varying wavelengths allows us to treat a broad range of tattoos and pigmented lesions.


Treatment length and number will vary based on the amount of reduction that is required to achieve your outcome. We consider an 8-series a typical number of treatments, but we adjust during the treatment process.

Treatment spacing will vary based on the location of the body. This works much like laser hair removal where the lower on the body, the longer the heal time and the further spacing in between appointments.

  • Neck and up: 4-8 weeks
  • Back to hips: 6-10 weeks
  • Legs and lower body: 8-12 weeks

Results vary depending on:

  • The type of laser
  • The tattoo’s size and color
  • The ink depth
  • How old the tattoo is
  • The tattoo’s location