Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

How painful is tattoo removal? What does the procedure feel like? 

While the decision to get a tattoo removed is highly personal, reasons may include feeling that a tattoo no longer reflects personal style, opinions, or overall personality. 

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to get your tattoo removed, you undoubtedly want the least painful, highest quality removal services. 

Continue reading to get an answer to the question, does laser tattoo removal hurt, or get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapy to speak with a tattoo removal specialist about your needs. 

does tattoo removal hurt

How Painful Is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Does tattoo removal hurt? If so, how painful is the process? 

While the level of discomfort experienced will vary depending on a number of factors (discussed in more detail in the next section), most patients report experiencing the following sensations during a removal session. 

  • Stinging sensations, like when a rubber band is snapped against the skin. 
  • After the session, patients report feeling as if they have a sunburn. 
  • Patients may also experience intense itchiness after the procedure. 

Tattoo Removal Pain Factors

When it comes to the question, is tattoo removal painful, there are six factors that play a part in determining the level of pain patients experience during a removal:

  1. The size of the tattoo. 
  2. If the tattoo is multi-colored or all black ink.
  3. Where the tattoo isThe Most & Least Painful Places to Have a Tatt located (some areas are more sensitive than others for tattoo removal). 
  4. The pain tolerance levels of the patient. 
  5. The age of the tattoo. 
  6. How dark the tattoo is, whether there was shading, what the linework is like, etc. 
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The Most & Least Painful Places to Have a Tattoo Removed 

The level of pain you experience due to tattoo removal will directly relate to the placement of your tattoo. 

Some of the most painful places to have a tattoo removed are the rib cage, head, fingers, and feet as these are close to the bone. The least painful places to have a tattoo removal procedure are on the upper arms and thighs.

How To Manage Tattoo Removal Pain

Now that we’ve answered the question of does tattoo laser removal hurt, here are a few tips for managing the pain:

  • Take a Tylenol before the procedure begins (make sure that you don’t take ibuprofen as this can have a blood-thinning effect). 
  • Get lots of rest after the procedure and avoid strenuous exercise. 
  • Put ointment on the removal site as this will aid you in recovery. 
  • Eat balanced, healthy meals and limit alcohol intake.  

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So, Is laser tattoo removal painful? In short, yes, tattoo removal is painful but there are measures you can take to reduce the amount of pain you experience. In addition to taking measures to reduce pain, going to a premium tattoo removal clinic will also ensure that you get the best services and care possible. 

Although there is always the possibility of delayed healing or infection, when you partner with a high-quality clinic to take care of your tattoo removal needs, you reduce the likelihood of having these types of issues. 

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