How Long After Laser Tattoo Removal will Tattoo Fade

How Long After Laser Tattoo Removal will my Tattoo Fade

How long does it take for a tattoo to fade after tattoo removal sessions?
For those looking into laser tattoo removal for the first time, you’ll be glad to learn that laser tattoo removal is highly effective. 
Continue reading to learn more about how long after laser tattoo removal will tattoo fade or get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapy to speak with a specialist. 

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?  


If you are looking for a structured tattoo removal timeline, we’re sorry to have to break it to you, but each patient is different. The speed at which you begin to notice visible fading may vary based on a number of factors. 

So, how long does it take to remove a tattoo? In general, patients may need around eight sessions to result in complete removal and it can take up to six weeks for the tattoo to fade after the sessions are finished.  

Common Questions About How To Fade a Tattoo

If this is your first time having a tattoo removed, you likely have a lot of questions that you would like the answers to before scheduling your first session.
Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you feel comfortable and informed about the procedure. If you have additional questions that aren’t answered below, contact Advanced Skin Therapy to speak with one of our removal specialists. 

Is Tattoo Removal Painful? 

The level of pain that patients experience during laser tattoo removal is highly dependent on their pain tolerance levels. 
Most patients report feeling a stinging sensation, almost as if they have a sore sunburn that is having pressure applied to it. 
If you have concerns about how painful tattoo removal will be, contact a specialist to discuss your concerns. 

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Tattoo removal uses a special laser to penetrate to the deepest layer of skin (the dermis) and shatter the tattoo ink into tiny fragments.

Over the ensuing weeks, the body will naturally process and flush out the ink particles and patients will notice the appearance of their tattoo fading and lightening. 

Who Is an Ideal Candidate For Tattoo Removal? 


Someone who:

  • Is physically healthy. 
  • Has a tattoo that they no longer want. 
  • Is willing to undergo several treatments. 
  • Doesn’t smoke or is willing to abstain from smoking during recovery. 


What Is Recovery Like After Tattoo Removal?

Patients who undergo laser tattoo removal may expect slight swelling, redness, blistering, and itching following a laser tattoo removal session.
This is perfectly normal and patients should allow their bodies to heal and avoid picking any scabbing during this time.
Those undergoing laser tattoo removal should also avoid sun exposure, water submersion, harsh soaps, and high water pressure during their recovery.

Where To Get Laser Tattoo Removal 

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy, our clinic is passionate about helping our patients pursue total wellness and comfort in their skin. Our aestheticians would love to help you on your journey towards greater self-confidence and body positivity through our range of services. 

If you are ready to begin the tattoo removal process, schedule a consultation with Advanced Skin Therapy today.