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While tattoos can be powerful expressions, regrettable tattoos can significantly impact your life and self-esteem. Fortunately, there are solutions available to those who desire to have a fresh start.

Advanced Skin Therapy offers unmatched services to those looking for tattoo removal in Lake Stevens, WA. Our tattoo laser removal services provide you with solutions that are more effective than natural tattoo removal options you might have already tried.

Our Tattoo Removal Procedure

We utilize a powerful laser device to remove tattoos of all colors, including benign pigments of reds and browns on your skin. The procedure itself only lasts about 30 minutes at most.

It begins with us cleansing and wiping your skin, leaving it free of any oils. Afterward, we apply a numbing cream on the area to help with the discomfort the laser will cause. Though the laser we use is known for its efficiency and gentleness, you might feel burning sensations. However, we also use a chiller during the procedure to further help with any feelings of pain.

While your skin numbs, we perform the correct wavelength and pulse settings, which vary according to your tattoo reduction goals. These varying wavelengths allow us to cater to any customer looking for tattoo removal in Lake Stevens, WA.

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Tattoo Removal Cost

At Advanced Skin Therapy, our tattoo removal costs vary according to the size of the area we are treating. For instance:

  •     Small Areas: Sizes similar to that of a 3*5 index card cost $800
  •     Medium Areas: Sizes similar to ½ sheet of paper cost $1,300
  •     Large Areas: Sizes similar to a full sheet of paper cost $1,700
  •     Extra Large: Full sleeve or back removal cost $2,100

How Many Treatments Will I Require?

Typically, patients will require an 8-series treatment. However, the treatments will depend on the amount of reduction you seek and the ink used in your tattoo. Keeping these factors in mind, you may or may not require the full eight treatments or more, if needed.

The treatment spacing will vary depending on the location of your tattoo. The following are the treatment spacing you can expect for different areas:

  •     Neck and Up: Four to eight weeks
  •     Back to Hips: Six to ten weeks
  •     Legs and Lower Body: Eight to twelve weeks

Tattoo Removal Aftercare

The following are a few post-treatment measures you can take to prevent infection and long-lasting pigment changes:

  •     Don’t let the area scab or dry out. Consider using a cold compress, on and off, for the first 48 hours.
  •     Apply antibiotics as directed to prevent infection.
  •     Avoid tampering with your skin.
  •     Minimize vigorous activities the first few days after treatment.
  •     For tattoos on your feet, keep your legs elevated until any swelling subsides.

The Best Tattoo Removal Laser in Lake Stevens, WA

If you’ve been searching for ‘tattoo removal near me,’ you probably have many choices. However, Advanced Skin Therapy promises to provide you with the best and most effective services, helping you get the fresh start you desire.

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