Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions below have actually been generated by our own team from our own personal clientele. As more questions get asked of us, we will continue to update this list.

Both are neuromodulators and different manufacturers of such. Botox originally was mostly utilized in the U.S. while Dysport was introduced into Europe.  Both are now used worldwide.  Both Botox and Dysport relax the muscle that creates the wrinkles thus reducing them.  Once the muscle relaxes, wrinkles that formed from facial expressions from laughing such as crow’s feet, squinting in the sun as well as furrowing of our eyebrows begin to relax and soften.

Generally, we state 7-14 days for Botox and 2-7 days for Dysport and everyone should fall somewhere in between.  Number of units can make a difference as can metabolism.  Some may take a few days longer for their full effects but hold onto it a bit longer and the opposite can occur too. Please allow the totality of the time frame to elapse before placing judgment on whether it is working or not.  We have our clients wait a full two weeks before returning for an extra dose should they think that they need more.  Sometimes patience is the best virtue.

I love this question because many times the consumer/client is well educated (which we love) but the injector is the one that will look at your facial structure and determine the better option for you. They are priced similarly and the injections feel identical.  And sometimes people like to switch back and forth between the two. This is ok too unless your provider suggests differently.

Not typically but it can happen.  To help assist with bruising we ask that you avoid alcohol the night before as well as aspirin, ibuprofen and even fish oil for a few days prior.  If this is something that should be discussed with your doctor prior, please do so.  Also, arnica in the form of tablets and/or creams, ointments is a great process to begin a few days ahead of time and a few days after. Arnica is known for its swelling and bruising properties.

Dermal Fillers “fill in” where there is a loss of elasticity/collagen and volume – think of lip fillers, cheek fillers, undereye fillers, nasal labial fold fillers. Most fillers today last approximately 1yr and are made of hyaluronic acid of which is natural to our body as our body also makes hyaluronic acid.

Botox and Dysport relax the muscle that creates the wrinkle but do not fill in the wrinkle.

Coolsculpting simply put; freezes fat cells and eliminates them from the body.  We consistently see a reduction of approximately 25% of fat cells within any given treatment area.

Honestly, no weight loss should be expected. We are diminishing inches; not weight.

A cycle of coolsculpting refers to anytime we attach the device to an area of your skin.  This starts the suction and freezing of the fat cells within that handpiece/skin area. 


If we look at the abdomen, you could be someone whose size would require 2 on the top abdomen and two on the bottom part of the abdomen.  This would be 4 cycles and approximately 25% reduction in fat cells.  If it requires two rounds of cycles then it would be considered 8 cycles. This would equate to a approximately 50% reduction in fat cells.

All of the fat cells that we will ever have are generated by the time we reach adolescence.  This is why childhood obesity is such a problem later in life. So while we won’t create more fat cells as we age, we can make the fat cells that we have increase or shrink in size.


Fat cells are actually the easiest cells to remove from our bodies.  Coolsculpting has been around since 2010 and is so effective because the freezing method is known to be the most effective method for removing fat cells.  When you get a treatment, we have been able to document that our treatments will garner approximately a 25% reduction.  So we are actually removing fat cells from your body not shrinking the size of them.  This is so wonderful for long term health goals and for the sculpting of the body that it is able to achieve.  I love this question and this service! Just fantastic!     

Cooltone is made by Coolsculpting and is for muscle toning.  It’s for those problem areas that need assistance in tightening and toning that your workout is just not providing. 

It depends.  Sometimes, yes and sometimes no.  If you have inch loss that is required in an area that you are looking to tone, it may be beneficial to remove the fat loss in that area prior to Cooltone.  If inch loss/fat is not in the area of treatment then you would only need to utilize Cooltone.  A consultation can determine this.

Generally, it will take a few treatments but everyone is different and some people start to see a slowing down and diminishing of hair after just one treatment. This is not the norm and not what we tell people to expect but it can and does occur. 

Most people do require 8 treatments for this service but occasionally some will need less and some will need more.  If you need more, you would just pay as you go and do however many more is required to get you there.   If you need less, than we recommend that you keep them for “maintenance” going forward. 

Because laser hair removal is not considered 100% effective but rather 85-90%, maintenance is a reality. The reason is because hair follicles are greatly affected by hormones and hormones fluctuate throughout our lives (especially in women). We say simply, if you are done your series and down the road 3 months or 3 years you see a return of some of your hair, just come back and have another individual treatment.  If you wait too long, you may return in 10 yrs needing a whole 8-series again when you could have just done individual appts upon seeing hair. This is precisely what maintenance means.  

Good Question.  This is all about hair follicles and how long they take to reach each cycle. Hair growth essentially has three cycles and different parts of the body take longer than others to reach the cycle where they are actually back in the follicle.  We have to wait until they cycle back into the follicle for removal.  If you search the body from head to toe, the higher areas such as the facial area will cycle back much more quickly than the lower areas. This is just our anatomy.  Here is the breakdown:

Facial area including neck and even down to underarms:  2-4 weeks

Back and Bikini or Brazilian:  4-6 weeks

Legs including feet:  8-10 weeks

See the question above.  We would love to get it done that quickly but by doing so, it would be a wasted treatment and a waste of your money as the hair will not have cycled back quick enough to be effective. This requires patience but will be worth it as it is so wonderful when you no longer have to shave.

Shaving takes your hair flush to the skin.  You can see it still in the follicle but it hasn’t been removed from the follicle.  Waxing, Tweezing and Depilatory creams such as Nair actually do take it somewhat out of the follicle which is why they are not good hair removal options prior to laser hair removal.

This is fine as long as we wait 3-4 weeks before starting your first treatment. Prior to starting laser hair removal and all throughout your 8 series, we ask that you only shave the area as hair returns.  Problem solved.

Because a laser is looking for pigment (the darker the better) and gray hair no longer contains pigment, it will not be able to remove this.  When we have a client who has salt and pepper hair we often say that we can remove the pepper but unfortunately not the salt.  Blonde hair can sometimes be removed and light reds but this requires a consultation beforehand to determine if you are a good candidate or not.

The answer to this is 3-5 weeks so we will typically schedule your next appointment at 4 weeks.  This is the amount of time it takes for your skin to go through the process of lifting brown pigment and diffusing red pigment.  There are intervals between each service that we offer and this is simply due to awaiting the required time for your skin to go through the entire process for that particular service.

Technically no because it is scattered light where lasers are focused light. We put it into our laser category as it feels similar and most people understand it to be in the “laser family”

Microneedling is a potent treatment for skin and your skin really should be prepped first to ensure not only great results but that your skin will react as it should.  Jumping into a microneedling treatment when your skin is not ready could cause adverse reactions that we wish to avoid.

I love this question because it’s such a big one when it comes to anti-aging.  If you never did anything more than a quarterly facial (with the change of seasons) and used proper skincare, this is anti-aging.  Anytime we are opening your pores, you will get better penetration of your own products and the anti-aging that this will cause will make you and others take notice. 

Yes, this is a true C02 laser but it also has varying wavelengths so it can be used as a fractionated laser too.  To explain a bit… C02 Full Ablative Lasers have been around for a few decades.  They are full ablation which means your downtime would be weeks, you would be sedated for the service and your skin would look essentially like “ground beef” until it healed over the course of a few weeks.  Because of the downtime and invasiveness of C02, most would not have the time allowed for such a treatment.


This led to the creation of fractionated lasers which do the same thing but over a few treatments rather than just one treatment.  This particular device (C02RE) is new technology that can do a mix of wavelengths to accomplish similar results to C02 but without the associated downtime and will provide more resurfacing than other fractionated lasers of the past.  We do not plan to do full ablation but do intend to get terrific resurfacing results with just 1-2 treatments and may only “spot treat” with full ablation if necessary.  The utilization of multiple wavelengths is what we are seeking in order to provide even better resurfacing than current fractionated devices.


This service will be performed by our staff of Master/Medical Aestheticians with oversight of our medical director and all have been fully trained and certified. 

YES!  This is the Tri-Vantage Laser that does indeed have the ability to remove all ink colors.  That said, please know that no complete guarantee can be given with tattoos as there are just too many variables in inks and dyes.  We are getting very good results however and will at minimum get your tattoo to a place where it can be covered up by another if not erased completely.  Check our website photos for before/afters on the tattoo removal page.

This is an 8-series of treatments that you can pay all at once or pay as you go.

Absolutely it is.  We are providing a service not unlike any other service industry. How much you decide to tip of course is up to you.  We appreciate any denomination, truly.

Yes!  Please arrive 10 mins before your scheduled appointment to fill out first time client paperwork.

Having your credit card on file with us is required and is utilized only should you No-Show your appt or cancel with less than 24hrs advanced notice.  We do not use your credit card for any other purpose.

No shows and Late cancellations should not have a place in the service industry any longer.  We understand that emergencies and illness do come up of course, but please know that those in the service industry are required to be here for you when you schedule an appointment with them.  When clients don’t show up or give a late cancellation notice, typically those appointments are not filled and not only does the employee lose out but so do the clients that were seeking these timeslots.

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