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What to Expect – Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare

Correct laser tattoo removal aftercare can greatly expedite healing and reduce discomfort during the process. 

Because aftercare is an extremely important aspect of successful tattoo removal, Advanced Skin Therapy has created this article to help you take adequate tattoo removal aftercare measures. 

tattoo removal aftercare

Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare Instructions

Immediately after laser tattoo removal, your removal specialist will give you tips on how to care for the removal site. 

You will be given antibiotic cream to put on the site a couple of times a day (usually three times). After you’ve applied the cream, you will need to cover the site with a sterile bandage. Your tattoo should remain covered for at least three days in order to stop bacteria from getting into the site. 

Laser Tattoo Removal Healing Process

When it comes to what to expect after laser tattoo removal in seattle, here are four things you can expect from the healing process. 

  1. Your skin after tattoo removal may feel a bit sensitive. Most patients report stinging that feels similar to the sting of a sunburn. 
  2. Your skin may start blistering within the first few hours after the procedure. This is completely normal and is not a cause for concern. 
  3. Other things which may occur during the healing process are bruising, scabbing, tenderness, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and swelling. These are all normal aspects of the healing process and may take several days to lessen. 
  4. Full recovery may take between four and eight weeks depending on the level of aftercare for laser tattoo removal that a patient does. Complete recovery takes patience and time, so make sure that you have realistic expectations going into the procedure. 

Post Tattoo Removal: 7 Things to Avoid

While the healing length and process vary from patient to patient, laser tattoo removal generally takes a total of one to two months to fully recover from. 

There are, of course, things that patients can do to expedite or slow their healing process. So to ensure that you avoid things that may slow your healing process, here are seven things to avoid during tattoo treatment aftercare.

  1. Avoid picking or itching blisters or scabs that form. 
  2. Avoid excessive sun exposure. 
  3. Don’t get dehydrated. 
  4. Don’t overexert yourself. Exercise that involves excessive sweating may hurt your recovery progress.  
  5. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol during your recovery period. 
  6. Don’t become sedentary — engaging in light movement can expedite your recovery. 
  7. Avoid submerging the removal site in water (hot tubs, pools, and baths should be avoided until you’ve completely healed). 

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