How to Safely Remove Skin Tags

Skin tags can be very annoying indeed!

They are excess skin growth that happens over time.

Some of us are prone to more than others but at some point most of us will come across them on our body.

Sometimes they get in the way of clothing or jewelry and sometimes they come out in unsuspected and unwelcome areas.

Remove the Stalk

While there are a few methods to remove them, the most important part is to ensure that the stalk gets removed. Such methods include cryotherapy, which typically requires a physician such as a dermatologist.  Another option is electrocautery, which we describe below.

Skin tags are just like a plant and if the stalk doesn’t get removed they will grow back. Ever have that happen to you?

Use of a high-frequency probe

We have concluded that the most effective method to remove skin tags is via use of a high-frequency probe that uses electricity to slice or zap it off (depending on size), opening the skin for the stalk to be removed and then cauterizing the surface of the skin back down to avoid any scarring and to make the spot disappear.

Yes, there is some minimal pain associated while the probe is on your skin. But that will only be for a second or two at a time and afterwards you will feel nothing.

We end the session with a dose of witch hazel to clean the area and an antibacterial cream to seal and heal.

It’s quick, cost effective and most importantly, they are gone for good!

Pricing: $45 (1); $75 (2); $99 (3); $125 up to (10); $150 up to (20)

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