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PDO Threads Placement Therapy

What are PDO Threads?

PDO threads are fine medical-grade suture material made of polydioxanone; a dissolvable protein compound.  At their start, they were used in cardiac surgeries.  Later, they would find their way into other uses including aesthetics.

Types of PDO Threads

There are two primary types of PHO threads used to tighten, lift, and smooth areas of the face – floating non-barbed and barbed threads. There are also subtypes of non-barbed threads – mono-filament and braided threads.  

Barbed threads also have several subtypes, including: 

  •     Bilateral threads
  •     Unilateral threads
  •     Bi-directional threads
  •     Uni-directional threads
  •     Z-directional threads
  •     Molding barbs
  •     Cutting barbs

PDO Thread Procedure

Before you decide to treat your sagging skin with a PDO thread treatment, it is essential to know what is a threading facelift and how the process works. PDO threads are a safe and non-invasive option for conventional facelifts. The treatment is performed quickly and provides immediate results to patients.  

Most PDO threads are performed on the face and lift the skin to give a youthful and fresh appearance. The procedure offers a quick and effective way to decrease wrinkles without surgery or lasers.  

The treatment uses various dissolvable threads and based on the thread type, you can either support or lift the skin. Your skin slowly absorbs the threads, but the support structure is maintained for up to eight months after the treatment. The threads are not visible, and there are no scars from the procedure.

PDO Thread Lift Recovery & Aftercare

Before you decide to do PDO threads, it is essential to know what to do before the treatment in Arlington: 

  •     Avoid smoking or alcohol seven days before the procedure to avoid skin dehydration. 
  •     Avoid vitamin E, omega fish oils, garlic, chili ginseng, krill, and other supplements two-three days before the treatment. 
  •     Avoid ginger or green tea. 
  •     Stay away from aspirin-based products, including Neurofen, Naproxen, and Ibuprofen, as they may cause unwanted side effects. 
  •     Stay away from performing high-intensity training.

Areas a PDO Thread Lift Can Treat

PDO threads are versatile, meaning they are suitable for various areas of your face, including:

  •     Neck
  •     Jowls
  •     Cheeks
  •     Eyebrows
  •     Jawline
  •     Under-eye area
  •     Crow’s feet
  •     Nasolabial folds

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is when threads are placed in areas of loose or wrinkled/saggy skin.  The threads have tiny “fingers” that engage and attach to the skin tissue.  These threads are then tightened, providing a lift in that area.

What is the benefit of a Thread Lift?

In addition to the immediate subtle lift provided by the placement, the threads also encourage the development of collagen. Collagen helps support and improve the quality of the surrounding tissue providing the result of subtle lift, skin tightening, and smooth appearance.

Thread Lift vs Face Lift:

While certainly, a face lift will provide more dramatic results, there are plenty of reasons to consider a thread lift.

Thread Lifts are far less invasive than a traditional facelift because we create only very small openings that are required to feed the threads through.  There are no incisions, minimal bleeding, and only rare bruising.

thread lift

Downtime is not only greatly reduced but essentially is non-existent compared to surgery. The procedure itself takes less than an hour and you will leave with manageable tenderness for a few days following.

We use local topical anesthetic or ice for numbing as there is no need for heavy sedation.

Thread Lift procedures are very affordable compared to surgical procedures.

What areas can be utilized and helped with a thread lift?

Now for the fun part… Almost any area of the body that has sagging or wrinkled skin can be improved with the placement of lifting and or smoothing threads.  These areas include cheeks, jowls, brows, lips, neck, decolletage, abdomen, buttocks, knees, and other more.  A consultation with our practitioner is the best way to assess the proper procedure and cost. 

Are there any side effects to this treatment and are threads safe?

Thread Lifts have been in use for nearly ten years and have been studied fairly extensively but have evolved tremendously.  Our provider(s) are certified and trained thus decreasing the likelihood of a poor outcome. We use PDO NOVA Threads which are FDA approved for quality.

Safety:  Like anything procedure possible complications can occur and would include bleeding, bruising or infection, all of which are exceedingly rare and minor in occurrence.  Should this occur, it can be easily managed in our office.

PDO Threads – Pricing:

PDO Threads – Pricing:  (Price is dependent on area and the number of threads used and requires a free consultation prior) 

All pricing below is “starting at” pricing.  If additional threads are needed the cost will be clearly defined during consultation. 

Face (mid):   $1500  

Face (lower):  $1500 

Neck: $1500 

Decollete: $1500 

Eyebrow Lift:  $1500 

Lips:  $700 

Arms (bat wings): $2000 

Breast Lift:  $2000 

For all other skin areas, please schedule a free consultation with our provider.  Pricing will be similar but there are other factors in other areas that are less straight forward and really require a consultation in advance.

In conclusion:  It is so exciting to be offering yet another new treatment to our clients.  We look so forward to further assisting you in this (what seems to be) never-ending anti-aging process.

I truly believe that we are in such fortunate times because today, if something is of bother to you, you can get it resolved and in a non-invasive way with science behind it all.  That is fortunate times in my eyes.

Please reach out to us with any questions you may have either via email or phone and welcome to Thread Lifts.

PDO Threads (Face, Abdomen) - Before and After Results

Our skin loses its elasticity as we get older, and it starts losing volume in various areas of our face. PDO Threads Treatment at Advanced Skin Therapy can immediately lift your skin and create more volume, promoting collagen production in the area to give you tighter skin and a more youthful look. In the Before and After Section – PDO Threads, you can see what to expect after treatment.

PDO (polydioxanone) Threads treatment is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure to rejuvenate, regenerate and lift the facial structure. It is like a facelift but without the more invasive and costly surgery. It has minimal downtime, and you can recover in two days. Collagen threading before and after pictures give you an idea of the results.

PDO Thread Lift: Before and After Care

Proper PDO face threads before and after care is essential to ensure the best outcomes without adverse side effects. At Advanced Skin Therapy, we will ensure the best PDO thread before and after care to avoid complications.

PDO Threads - Before and After Photos

This section shows you various PDO lifting threads before and after photos to know what to expect after treatment. Check the PDO threads abdomen before and after pictures or the PDO threads in the face before and after photos to see how your abdomen or face will appear after treatment at Advanced Skin Therapy. 

*Results may vary by individual

PDO Threads Lift – Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Procedure Last?

Usually, PDO thread lift treatment lasts 30 minutes, based on the area you treat. Some patients are done in less than 20 minutes and are free to return to their daily activities.

What Are the Main Benefits of PDO Threads?

People prefer PDO threads due to:

  •     Quick and safe absorption
  •     Non-invasive and discreet results
  •     Immediate results
  •     Appearance revitalization
  •     Skin rejuvenation

Am I a Good Candidate for PDO Threads?

During your initial consultation at Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point in Arlington, we will determine whether you are the right patient for this procedure by examining your skin and considering your general lifestyle habits. Call us at (360) 651-8343 to schedule a consultation with one of our skin experts today.