Skin spot / tags removal

Skin Spots, Milia, Skin Tag Removal and Skin Irregularity Services

We are pleased to introduce our latest non-invasive aesthetics device for treating and removing bothersome skin irregularities that so many of us seem to have.

The newest technology  Lamprobe 4000 is a unique instrument for the removal and effective treatment of a wide range of common skin irregularities.

This new procedure uses radio, high frequency technology that works on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat, released by various sized probes allowing for the effective treatment of minor skinabnormalities/irregularities, without penetrating the skin’s surface.

The discomfort level experienced is minimal and tolerable with the sensation produced feeling much like a tight pinch or slight zap to the skin.

No anesthesia is required and there is no down-time. And best of all, it requires just One (1) Treatment!

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Effective Treatment of the following skin irregularities: (see photos below)


Your Investment:

One (1) Spot/Tag Treatment $75 / 15 minutes
2-3 spots/tags $100
4-10 spots/tags  $200
11-20 spots/tags  $250
Patch of broken capillaries $100, etc…

For multiple skin irregularities, we are very affordable and you can mi/match skin irregularities at same treatment time. You will receive a price with a consult.