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10 Beauty Tips to Freshen Up This Spring

beauty tips

Spring is a season of renewal! It also is a time with rapidly changing weather conditions, for spending more time outdoors, and for showing off more skin!

You understandably want to look as fresh and vibrant as possible this spring and beyond. Here are essential beauty tips to help you to make a wonderful transition into spring!

Tip#1  Toss Out Old Makeup

Makeup has a shelf-life on it, and you may develop illnesses, rashes or other health issues if you use outdated cosmetics. Eye and lip products need to be tossed out annually. Any makeup brushes regularly used should be cleaned seasonally. You also should replace disposable makeup applicators if you keep the cosmetics.

Tip#2  Refresh Your Skin

The unique weather conditions in the winter months can be harsh on skin. Exfoliation is an excellent way to remove old skin that has been impacted by winter weather. Exfoliating weekly throughout the spring can help you to enjoy softer and more radiant skin. You can also schedule professional exfoliation for more profound results.

Tip#3  Transition Away from Oil-Based Products

If you are like many people, you apply oil-based creams to moisturize your skin during the winter months. During spring, however, these products can cause your skin to breakout. Now is a time to retire your oil-based products and to implement the use of lighter products that allow your skin to breathe.

Tip#4  Focus on Foot Care

You may break out the sandals and open-toed shoes for the first time of the season soon, and this will draw immediate attention to the condition of your feet. While a pedicure may be a smart idea, you also can take steps at home to improve the condition of your feet skin. Just as you exfoliate your face, exfoliate the skin on your feet periodically. You may also use a specially-designed foot cream to moisturize your feet as needed.

Tip#5  Change Your Cleanser

Because winter weather conditions can dry out skin, it is common to use a moisturizing cleanser. However, this type of cleanser is not ideal for all skin types in the spring months. Analyze your skin’s current needs, and consider changing to a lighter cleanser if it would benefit you.

Tip#6  Control Your Allergies

Spring allergies are common. They can cause red, puffy eyes, itchy skin and other issues. Talk to your doctor about the best way to control allergies. Some people respond well to nasal spray or daily allergy pills, but others may respond better to allergy shots.

Tip#7  Address Skin Conditions Naturally

Eczema is an unfortunately common skin condition that can flare up in the spring. While there are pharmaceutical treatments, many people respond well to a regular application of sunflower oil. Simply apply oil after your regular shower to enjoy great results.

Tip#8  Schedule a Chemical Peel

Exfoliation may work well for some people, but you may need to penetrate deeper for improved results. A dermatologist can provide you with a chemical peel. These removes dead skin cells and leaves you looking refreshed and vibrant.

Tip#9  Upgrade Your Sunscreen

You are hopefully applying sunscreen year-round to block damaging UV rays. Because the sun’s rays can be more intense in the spring and because you may be spending more time outdoors, it makes sense to upgrade to a higher SPF in the spring. Remember to apply it each morning as part of your daily beauty regimen.

Tip#10 Wear a Hat

It is not enough to lather sunscreen on each day. UV rays can cause fine lines, wrinkles and even sunspots. Keeping as much sun off of your skin as possible is important. A hat is a stylish accessory that wonderfully blocks sunlight from striking your face.

As you can see, there are many essential steps to take to care for your skin this spring. Focus on incorporating each of these tips into your life and receive profound results! If you are interested in finding a facial spa, give us a call today!

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