Microdermabrasion – Just what is this all about and who is a candidate?

At Advanced Skin Therapy, we call a microdermabrasion facial the “Smooth Operator” because it will smooth your skin to the softness of a baby’s buttocks.  And it’s dramatically noticeable.

Microdermabrasion originally was introduced as a vacuum suction device that would shoot small crushed diamond like crystals across the surface of your skin and the technician would then vacuum them up creating the smoothness.  While that original model is still used and still available for purchase, I never was fully sold on it because the potential was ripe to accidentally create a “pit” into your skin. Not that it would happen, but that it could.

what is microdermabrasion

While microdermabrasion facials have been around for decades, thankfully the devices themselves have really progressed forward in the last few years.  The latest devices are still a vacuum suction but rather than the “diamond crystals”, they now have what is known as a “diamond tip”. This is an applicator that has varying degrees of resurfacing options.  It somewhat reminds me of a “grinder” that smooths the surface of your skin without penetrating the top layer of your skin. And most of these devices are now known as “wet/dry” machines. What this means is that you can use it “dry” on the skin just like the devices of old or you can use it as “wet” and apply serums and hydroxy acids to the surface of the skin and resurface the skin while infusing the ingredients directly into the skin. This is wonderful because starting with hydroxy acids (which literally means to break down) means that you will be sloughing off the dead skin cells on top of the skin while infusing serums such as brighteners, antioxidants, acne ingredients and even hydrators.  This is what provides our clientele with a wonderful treatment each time.     

Who is a Good Candidate?

Anyone can be a candidate for microdermabrasion facials, truly.  If you have dullness about your skin that bothers you, then this is a great treatment for you.  If you are acne prone than this is a good treatment for you. If you need some brightening, then this is a good treatment for you.  If you do monthly or quarterly facials to ensure that your pores are getting opened regularly than you should definitely throw this into the mix.  Microdermabrasion is so wonderful to get you back to a much “cleaner slate”. Not only will your pores get opened but now your own skin care products will penetrate much deeper as well. So this is a great facial from time to time for everyone.    

Our process

When we do microdermabrasion on a client, we will first choose our hydroxy acids and then choose the serums that are right for your skin condition to be infused. From there we will choose the degree of resurfacing needed and choose the appropriate tip to accomplish our goals.  We love to do one side of your face and then have you feel both sides so you can feel the difference. I have personally never had anyone not say ‘Wow!” as there is a dramatic difference. At the end of the treatment we will further seal you up with lots of great serums and moisturizers that will drop quite deeply into the layers of your skin and we’ll ask that you not add makeup or wash your skin that evening. You will thank us in the morning when your skin has had all that time to “drink” in the glorious dose of nutrition that we have infused.

Contact us today to try microdermabrasion!  This service never disappoints.  “”