what is oxygen therapy

What is an Oxygen Facial and What is it used for

What exactly is an Oxygen Facial? 

Oxygen is the power of pure air to remove congestion, plump, and hydrate the skin and essentially get your skin back to a much better place.  When used properly, oxygen will open up the layers of your skin and your pores in a gentle and healing way. It is pure oxygen so has no contaminants in it and the feeling is of cool air flowing into your skin.  An oxygen facial is usually performed by an aesthetician in our office.  It is usually considered a “nonmedical” procedure because nothing is injected into the body and no chemicals are applied.

Advanced Skin Therapy utilizes two methods to give you the most oxygen possible within this facial treatment.  We first utilize a method known as “probing”. This allows us to direct the air exactly where we want it to go. We will do the entire face both horizontally and vertically and additionally focus more oxygen on congestion-prone areas. These areas are typically seen more on the chin, nose, and cheeks (where your sinus cavity is) but also can be on the upper lip and forehead.       

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The second method that we utilize is known as “doming”.  This is a clear plastic dome that we put on your skin during the final 15 mins of this service.  Doming is so wonderful because it allows the oxygen to gently flow into your pores at a low speed and intensity and is quite relaxing.  Many people will fall asleep under the dome due to its ability to provide so much relaxation.     

what is oxygen therapy

What exactly is Oxygen used for? 

Oxygen facials are used for many things but we utilize this service primarily to remove congestion in the skin that creates breakouts and dullness within the skin that inevitably shows itself on the outside of the skin.  While many places utilize hyaluronic acid for plumping during the probing, we do not. Our method is to go after the congestion in the skin and therefore here at Advanced Skin Therapy, we add a light decongestant to the surface of your skin prior to probing and doming.  This allows the oxygen to open your pores and skin layers and push the decongestant deep down. I always tell clients to think of it similarly to when they get a cold. You will take cough medicine or decongestant to decongest your sinus’. This is similar in that we are decongesting your skin.  And the effects are immediate and amazing. We always show clients their skin immediately following oxygen and prior to adding any serums because we want them to see just how wide open their pores are and how very plumped their skin is. It truly is the Wow Factor! It’s only now and at the end of this treatment that we add lots of great serums to feed your skin nutrition that will drop down so deeply.  These serums consist of hyaluronic acid for hydration as well as Vit C and other antioxidants to help with oxidative stress. We also add a nice heavy dose of retinol to help with the final “purging” step of the process.  

While oxygen itself will do the plumping (which is visible immediately), the final step comes in the form of the “purging” of your pores to remove the congestion that is creating dullness and breakouts.  This is an imperative step in the process. While oxygen is also responsible for this purging, we do utilize retinol to assist with deeper purging. The purging will occur two days after the facial itself and will create peeling.  It is not peeling of the top layer of your skin such as a chemical peel would do, but rather a purging of the congestion and dead skin cells that are sitting between the layers of your skin. You can expect anywhere from 3-7 days of peeling. Your skin will purge as much as is necessary.  We always say that you may not like us during the peeling/purging process but you will love us once it’s complete. The difference in your skin is truly night and day. So, needless to say, oxygen is our go-to to get your skin primed before a more invasive treatment and also to get your skin back on course to a much cleaner slate than it was prior. And oxygen is always our first step in any kind of acne/breakout skin concern. Contact us and try our oxygen facial sometime. You will not be disappointed!