The Top Facial Procedures for Treating Acne

So you have acne issues…

What can be done to truly make a noticeable and welcomed difference?

Acne Facial Treatment with Blue Light, Oxygen and MicrodermabrasionAs a skin practitioner, I personally like to take on acne concerns in 3 steps (3-series, 2 weeks between each session).

And, yes, this series brings amazing improvement and happy clients.

Acne Facial Treatment #1

The very first acne facial treatment in this lineup is critical and very effective.  We call it a duo-facial and its LED Blue Light and 98% Pure Oxygen.  The LED Blue light will kill the bacteria underneath the layers of your skin.

All LED light therapy is about repairing tissue in the lower depths of your skin, but LED Blue Light is also about  destroying bacteria by setting off a cascade of cellular activity that creates a deadly environment for acne to survive.  The LED Blue Light should be utilized on your skin for 20-30 mins to be fully effective.

The next step is oxygenation to your skin in order to open pores and get your skin breathing again.  Acneic skin is always congested below the surface, so it’s crucial to clear away this congestion.  I love our oxygen device as its 98% pure oxygen and infused into your skin for 40 minutes during this facial treatment and is unbelievably effective.  You will notice the difference in one treatment.

Once congestion is cleared away and your pores and skin are “breathing” again, purging of acne will occur on its own.   At this time while your pores are nice and open all the way down the layers of your skin, it’s imperative to utilize the proper nutrition/ingredients into these pores.  I personally love to add high doses of anti-oxidants in the form of Vit C, Resveratrol, Vit A (Retinol), Kojic (for brightening) in a base of peptides (skins necessary proteins) and will customize additionally from there depending on client needs.  It truly is a large healthy dose of nutrition for you skin.

Acne Facial Treatment #2

I believe that the next facial in this series needs to be some sort of deep pore cleansing.  We have a myriad of options relating to cleaning your pores effectively (powerful enzymes, hydroxy acids and more).  Deep Pore Cleansing is exactly as it sounds; a deep cleansing of your pores.

Acne Facial Treatment #3

The 3rd and final in the series of 3 will usually be microdermabrasion for resurfacing the top layer of skin or even a chemical peel  for sloughing and removing the top layer of skin including not only acne, but the discolored pigmentation and scarring that sometimes occurs with acne issues.

Additionally,  I just want to share something of significance that I truly believe in…  all elements of acne and frankly any skin conditions relating to routines and products and diet/water, options, etc.. (ie, what you are currently doing vs not currently doing) should be clearly discussed with you via your skin care practitioner prior to any scheduled appointments. This is what a prior consultation is for.  It can be done 20 mins right before your first treatment even, but needs to be done. I believe strongly that educating clients is a large part of my job. So make sure you feel comfortable and confident with what and who is sharing the information.

And lastly, Relax.  Yes, there is hope for your acne concerns!

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