Non-Surgical Body Contouring: The Future of Body Shaping

What is body contouring?

The medical procedure of body contouring is growing in popularity in the last decade because of the implications for those who have a difficult time losing weight. Many people, especially as they mature in age, develop fatty deposits that are difficult to eliminate despite exercise and diet. Alternatives such as liposuction offer some relief but require surgical procedures with downtime as well as significant recovery time. Body contouring treatments not only offer the elimination of body fat but also offer the advantage of sculpting exactly the body shape that is desired. There are many benefits to this type of treatment to consider before going ‘under the knife’.

Avoiding the Operating Room

When the choice is made to have fat surgically removed, the patient is committing to an operating room as well as the physical removal of not only fat but the peripheral skin that was accommodating that fatty tissue. There are many risks that exist with surgical operations including bleeding, anesthesia risks, and infection. Non-surgical body contouring eliminates all of those risks. The single greatest benefit of this procedure would have to be the permanent removal of excess body fat. Fat that exists on the stomach, thighs, and buttocks especially can be really difficult to lose with traditional exercise regiments. This revolutionary non-invasive procedure allows fat to be removed by killing fat cells with cold laser technology.

Minimal, if any, Recovery Time

Since there is no actual invasive procedure taking place, another added benefit is the small amount of recovery time, if any at all. When actual surgical body sculpting is performed, the recovery time can sometimes last for weeks. With non-surgical body contouring, there is no recovery time and results are almost immediate.

Results are Long-Lasting

The way that this technology works, low-level laser therapy uses cold laser energy to kill fat cells which are then absorbed by the body and eliminated as waste. Once the fat cells are dead, they are gone forever. The only way they would return is if new fat cells are introduced. This FDA-approved procedure permanently destroys existing fat cells for a long-lasting result. Of course, the results can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle – a well-balanced diet coupled with regular exercise.

Treatment is Not Only for a Chosen Few

Many surgical options for body contouring are not always available for certain types of patients. In fact, there are specific health/age requirements for surgical body sculpting. With non-surgical body contouring, the procedure is optimal for practically every patient. Small fatty tissue pockets, as well as several stubborn fatty areas on the body (thighs, buttocks, stomach), can easily be removed using this technology. And, most patients tolerate the procedure easily with only a few reporting minor discomfort.

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