Radio Frequency (RF) – Can you explain what this treatment is about and who might be interested?

Radio Frequency or RF has been around since the early 2000’s actually.  The devices back then were known as mono-polar (and were quite painful) where today’s latest and greatest models are multi-polar (and feel like a hot stone massage).

Radio Frequency is all about tightening of the skin and its method of doing so is via heat.  Our device at Advanced Skin Therapy reaches into the dermal layer of your skin where your collagen layer resides. It is collagen that will be transformed and invoke skin tightening of your skin.  I really like to keep explanations as simple as possible so with this particular treatment I like to explain it this way…

radio frequencyAll skin contains collagen and when you are in your 20’s and early 30’s, your skin is tight and taut and has a nice bounce to it.  This is young collagen and it’s fully intact. But collagen, like hormones, hydration, oxygen and many things start to slow way down, deplete and even breakdown.  This creates drooping and a loss of elasticity that once was there. This is the time when most of us start to notice the aging process setting in. We look at our face and neck and other areas too and start to notice that we are starting to look like our skin is heading in the southward direction or rather “gravity has set in”.

Enter Radio Frequency RF:  This device and treatment was created to combat this effect.  The beautiful thing about collagen is that thankfully, it will start spinning much more quickly like it did in our younger years as well as start duplicating itself once again.  But it needs assistance to do so. And in the case of Radio Frequency this method is via a heat process. We are quite literally heating into your dermal layer where your collagen resides to “trigger it” and get it to start rebuilding and spinning again. Of course the temperature has to be accurate as well as monitored during the procedure but there is no associated downtime.

Radio Frequency is a very viable solution for skin tightening and to get yourself back to looking younger.  There is however one preface that you need to be aware of because this is not a one and done procedure. We do an initial 4-series (one week apart) and then schedule you for one treatment quarterly or every 3 months to keep the process going.  The initial series will trigger your collagen immediately to start spinning again and you will notice an improvement. However, the building of collagen takes approximately 3 months. This does not mean all of the collagen that you have lost over the years will generate back in just 3 months but the process has begun.  Each time you come in for another treatment, you will have more collagen that you have built, therefore more collagen to “spin” and more collagen to continue building upon. I love to see clients one year after they have started because at that point they have done their initial 4 treatments and then 3-4 more quarterly and the results at this time are now undeniable.  Radio Frequency is most definitely a way to get your collagen built back up but in a completely non-invasive manner.

I am often asked if a client should think more about radio frequency or rather move into Botox and Dermal Fillers.  The simple answer is that you can do both and I believe as I’ve witnessed that those who have the best results with the aging process are typically doing both. They utilize Botox, Dermal Filers and some form of Skin Tightening.

I truly believe in Radio Frequency for the face and body and recommend you contact us to check into it and give it a try.  Wonderful treatment; Wonderful results!””