Milia Under Eyes: Treatment To Get Rid Of Milia

milia on eyelid

Milia are very small cysts comprised of closed sacs filled with keratin that forms under the top layer of the outer skin, called the “epidermis.” and can look like there are bumps on the surface of the skin.

In humans, the epidermis has four to five layers. Keratin is produced within these layers.

Protein strands made of keratin give the skin its strength and help make the surface uniform yet flexible.

Healthy skin is constantly building, shedding, and rebuilding. The average person sheds the top skin layer about every two weeks.

What Causes Milia?

Milia results when keratin that is being produced becomes trapped. The cysts usually form at the site of hair follicles or sweat pores within the skin which can give the eyelids bumps if you have sensitive skin.

Causes vary, and not all causes are known. Facial makeup that is not fully removed at night, dead skin accumulations that clog pores, overexposure to the sun’s rays or to other sources of radiation, skin blisters, long-term use of steroid creams and some types of skin resurfacing procedures all have the potential to cause the formation of milia.

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Getting Rid of Milia

Milia is a very common condition. More than 40 percent of infants develop it, and they tend to heal without treatment. However, milia in adults often do not go away on their own. Because these cysts are underneath the skin instead of on its surface, they cannot be removed by applying creams designed to treat skin eruptions such as hives or acne.

The epidermis of the eyelids and surrounding areas usually has only four layers and is very thin. Milia that form around the eyes appear as tiny white bumps that feel hard but are not painful. Although these cysts are benign, they are unsightly. Most adults who develop them are very motivated to get rid of them.

Milia Under EyeDo not try to perform removal of milia under eyes yourself

Here’s why:

1.) It is very difficult to use a needle or lancet on yourself to create an opening in the outer skin large enough for each sac-encased milium to pass through without accidentally piercing the sac, harming underlying tissue or injuring the eye.

2.) It is hard to see whether the entire sac has been removed. If a piece remains, the cyst will come back.

3.) When you perform milia removal yourself, you increase the risk of infection or scarring.

Removal of milia around eyes should only be done by a professional who is skilled in surgical removal or is familiar with a new technique that uses an instrument known as the Lamprobe. This instrument emits high-frequency radio waves with pinpoint accuracy to target and reduce or destroy milia without the need for incisions.

Either procedure, when carried out by a professional, will give you the results you want without the risks inherent in do-it-yourself milia removal!

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