CoolTone™ Services in Tulalip

Advanced Skin Therapy’s effective CoolTone™ services

Having confidence in your body is important and our CoolTone™ services in Tulalip, WA, can help you achieve that. 

Advanced Skin Therapy’s effective CoolTone™ services use state-of-the-art electromagnetic technology to tone your body and help you build muscle. 

Since our CoolTone™ services might not be familiar to you, read further down the page to learn more, or feel free to give our clinic in Tulalip a call to schedule a consultation.

CoolTone™ Therapy In Tulalip

CoolTone™ is a body-shaping procedure that tones the muscles, reduces unwanted fat, and tightens loose skin.

The purpose of our services is to help our clients in the body contouring process. Perhaps you want to get ready for summer, or maybe you’re looking for a boost in self-esteem. Using CoolTone™, we want to help you reach those goals.

Our Advanced Skin Therapy clinic in Tulalip, WA, offers a four-session treatment package that makes the body shaping process quick and simple for our clients. The treatment is completed after two weeks with each session lasting a half-hour. If you have any more questions about what our CoolTone™ services are, give our clinic in Tulalip a call today.

How Does the CoolTone™ Process Work?

When you start a CoolTone™ session, a high-frequency electromagnetic pad will be used in the area that you are working to tone. Magnetic Muscle Stimulation is the main technology that makes this process work.

Because of the electromagnetic pad, your muscles will contract. This builds muscle, and tones the area in which you are working on.

Is There A Difference Between CoolTone™ & CoolSculpting?

While both CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting work to tone target areas of the body, there are some key differences between the services.

While CoolTone™ uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation to contract and tone the body’s muscles, CoolSculpting works to freeze redundant fat cells. So CoolTone™ tones and tightens the skin and muscles, while CoolSculpting works more to eliminate fat. 

Since muscle toning and fat loss often go hand in hand, we at Advanced Skin Therapy have made combination treatment plans that involve both CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting. If you would like to take steps into learning about what might cause a client to use both treatments, contact u at our clinic in Tulalip.

Benefits of CoolTone™

Beyond just accomplishing the goal of toning muscle and tightening loose skin, CoolTone™ has other benefits as well.

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Make time to work on the confidence you want in your life. If you have body contouring goals, then let us at Advanced Skin Therapy help you achieve those as soon as possible.

The staff at our clinic in Tulalip would love to connect you with our CoolTone™ experts to start you on your body shaping journey. If there are any questions you have, CoolTone™ appointments you would like to make, or initial information meetings you would like to set, don’t hesitate to call.

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