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What is this procedure?

CoolTone services enable Arlington residents to reach their physical goals without having to commit to exhausting diet regimens, excessive exercise, or hours spent applying body-sculpting treatments. 

Body-contouring treatments, such as CoolTone, require a very small time commitment and can help you achieve the sculpted physique you’ve been working toward.

If you are a busy individual and you are looking for an effective, convenient method of body-sculpting, get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapy today or continue reading to learn more about what CoolTone options are available to you.

What Is CoolTone?

CoolTone is an FDA-approved, body-sculpting therapy that uses MMS (Magnetic Muscle Stimulation) to tighten, tone, and strengthen targeted areas of the body. 

Using MMS technology, CoolTone specialists can make the muscles contract and vibrate involuntarily (think about it similarly to how a cat’s purring causes muscle vibrations which lead to a maintained state of physical fitness). 

Benefits Of CoolTone Arlington Services

What are the benefits of CoolTone treatments? Receiving CoolTone treatments can provide you with a number of benefits, some of the best being:

CoolTone Arlington Services

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy, we offer CoolTone Arlington Services to help you achieve the body contour of your dreams. 

Our CoolTone Arlington services include:

If you have any questions about our CoolTone Arlington services or would like to schedule your first CoolTone session, contact Advanced Skin Therapy today. 

How Can I Maintain My CoolTone Results?

CoolTone results are not permanent and due to this the results must be maintained in order to ensure that they last. 

Three ways that you can maintain your CoolTone results are: 

Where To Get CoolTone Services Arlington

If you are ready to take your body contour to the next level, get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapy today. Our CoolTone Arlington clinic would be happy to help you on your journey towards greater self-confidence and contentment in your skin. To learn more about our CoolTone Arlington services, schedule a consultation, or book your first CoolTone session, get in touch with Advanced Skin Therapy today. We look forward to helping you meet your sculpted body goals.

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