Botox And Fillers Services In Stanwood

What is this procedure?

As we age, it is natural for our skin to begin to sag and for creases to become more evident. To combat the natural effects of age, many in Stanwood turn to Botox or filler treatments to lessen the visible telltales of the passing years.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about Botox and filler treatments which prevents those interested in these services from taking advantage of these facial treatments.

To set the record straight and to answer your Stanwood Botox questions, here are some Botox and filler facts from the professionals here at Advanced Skin Therapy.

What Are Botox And Fillers?

Botox is a facial treatment that is injected into the muscles. It essentially paralyzes the muscles in order to block the communication of facial nerves. This reduces the contractions in the face, thus preventing new wrinkles from developing and lessening the appearance of existing wrinkles (sometimes even fully reducing them).

Fillers are used to fill in areas in the face that have grown thin as a natural result of age. Fillers can be used to plump up lips or fill in shallow areas of the face.

Are The Effects Of Botox And Fillers Permanent?

Botox is a treatment that must be repeated from time to time. The results of Botox treatments on average last between three and four months before needing to be redone.

The duration that fillers depend largely on where you get fillers injected. Fillers can last longterm or short term. If you have questions regarding a specific type of filler, contact Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood to speak with one of our Botox and fillers experts.

Pricing Options For Botox Or Fillers In Stanwood

The pricing of Botox and filler services depends mainly on how much/where you need injections.

Our pricing at Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood costs patients around $13 per unit if units are purchased in a package of 40 or $14 per unit for units purchased in an amount less than 40.

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy, we offer free consultations for those interested in Botox or filler services. If you have any questions or want to create a customized treatment plan, contact our clinic in Stanwood and speak with one of our experts to schedule a free consultation.

Start On Your Journey To Youthful Skin Today

Youthful skin is just a phone call away. You don’t have to passively watch the effects of age take their toll on your facial features — you can take control of your skin and prevent the effects that age has on so many others.

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood, we make it our goal to help our clients look and feel their best. We are prepared to offer our professional opinion to you and help you form a treatment plan that will fit with your lifestyle needs and budget.

Contact Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood to schedule a free consultation or to ask any questions that you have about our services.

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