Botox and Fillers in Everett WA

Unfortunately, one of the natural effects of aging is that facial skin begins to sag and lose elasticity. One of the most common combatants of sagging skin is botox or filler treatments. Many celebrities trust these treatment methods and consider as the number one cosmetic procedure.

If this is your first time looking into botox or filler treatments, here is a breakdown of what these treatments will do for you.

What is Botox & Filler Treatments Used For?

Botox and fillers are injected into the facial muscles to stop contractions from happening, which in turn reduces or eliminates facial wrinkles. Botox works because it blocks transmission between the nerves and makes a face in a state of rest. Blocking the communication between nerves creates an overall softening of the face. Many use filler treatments often to fill in worry lines or creases and create a fuller, more youthful complexion.

What Areas are Treatable With Botox and Fillers?

Common areas using botox and fillers treatment are the frown lines, brow lines, and crow’s feet. Using Botox and fillers will set the muscles at rest and may even reverse the visible lines over time. If you hope to reverse wrinkles completely, you will have to follow a treatment schedule for a couple of months to maximize results.

Botox and Filler Treatments in Everett

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy in Everett, our staff are careful to approach each treatment session with sensitivity. Sometimes first-time patients view botox and fillers as intimidating, and we understand that.

Here at our Everett clinic, we do everything to make your botox or filler treatments as comfortable as possible. We use only the best techniques and tools to produce minimal discomfort and maximal results. We use small needles that minimize pain, and many of our patients report very little or no discomfort at all. Our patients also experience little to no bruising. Our treatments will last for between three and four months.

What are Fillers Good For?

Fillers are beneficial for a number of aesthetic reasons. Facial features can become thin over time and need a little help filling them out and making them look youthful again. Fillers can be used to:

Due to genetic disposition, you might struggle with premature age signs. Fillers are a good way to mitigate early aging signs and restore confidence.

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Here at Advanced Skin Therapy in Everett, we have a caring team of skin care professionals ready to help you restore youthfulness to your skin. We want to help you feel your best in your skin and be happy to schedule an appointment at our Everett clinic. Give Advanced Skin Therapy a call today to set up your very first botox or fillers consultation.

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