Coolsculpting Services In Stanwood, WA

What Is CoolSculpting in Stanwood & How Does It Work?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat removal procedure that helps individuals get rid of stubborn fat and tone their bodies. The procedure utilizes advanced cooling technology to freeze and kill fat cells.

We offer CoolSculpting in Stanwood as a proven, FDA-approved procedure to safely target fat and effectively get rid of it.

Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

There is much curiosity surrounding the topic of CoolSculpting. To help you along with your decision about CoolSculpting, here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the procedure.

How long is each session?

The length of each CoolSculpting session is dependant on how many areas of the body are being treated during your visit. Our team of CoolSculpting experts will help you create a personalized plan to suit your needs and schedule

Are the results of CoolSculpting permanent?

CoolSculpting is a permanent procedure, so long as you do not gain more fat cells. The unwanted fat is crystallized — killing the cells, and your body naturally processes the dead cells as it would other dead cells and eliminates them from the body.

How much does the procedure cost?

That depends on what areas are being treated and how many sessions you want to undergo. Our experts here at Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood suggest that you meet with an expert to talk about your physical goals, areas of concern, and budget when beginning the CoolSculpting process.

Are there any side effects?

Though it is a non-invasive procedure and is much more comfortable than other fat removal procedures, patients may still experience some discomfort during the CoolSculpting treatment.

Patients may experience temporary numbness, tingling, swelling, or redness. This is completely normal and will amend itself over time.

There are certain conditions, such as cryoglobulinemia that make an individual not ideal for CoolSculpting services. If you suffer from a medical condition that makes you question whether you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting, talk with your doctor as well as a CoolSculpting professional before scheduling an appointment for fat removal.

Is CoolSculpting safe?

CoolSculpting is FDA approved and tested.

Areas that are approved for CoolSculpting fat removal are the following:

If you have questions about CoolSculpting treatments for other parts of the body, contact Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood to speak with one of our experts about it

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Here at Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood, we offer CoolSculpting services for individuals hoping to reshape their bodies and get the body that they want.

If you have additional questions about CoolSculpting services or want to come up with an individual treatment plan, contact Advanced Skin Therapy in Stanwood today.

Having a body that matches and reflects who you are is entirely possible and can be done. Start working towards the body that you want today by giving our CoolSculpting experts a call.

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