eyelash extension

The “Yays & Nays” of Eyelash Extensions

Quick Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:

It’s undeniable that long eyelashes are beautiful! But not all women are blessed with naturally long and luscious eyelashes. One of our favorite beauty regimens is eye make-up to add flair and drama to our appearance. But this regimen is time consuming and some may be sensitive to the makeup.

Fortunately, eyelash extensions were invented to alleviate having to use makeup everyday, and to give a more beautiful looking lash.

Using eyelash extensions is convenient for women who have a busy lifestyle because this popular beauty modification is one less step to their beauty routine. With professional extensions, women can take a break from wearing heavy make up, look fabulous, and have fun! You can choose from either silk, mink, or synthetic fibers (we only recommend and use silk or mink 🙂 You can also choose the length, thickness and color, depending on your sense of style.

Eyelash extensions give women a stand out look and natural sexiness in the eyes especially when applied by an expert.

At Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point, your eyelashes will look exactly as you envision them to look. We use only the highest quality lashes and application products because it matters!

Would you like to feel more beautiful, give your eyes more sexiness, alleviate the time you spend adding makeup, and have some fun?

Eyelash extensions are your solution!

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