Intense Pulsed Light – What can it do for me?

IPL Intense Pulsed Light or better known as IPL is actually the first cosmetic laser to come into the market and it’s been around for more than 25yrs. It is so good at what it was designed to do that although devices have evolved and things such as cooling systems have improved the wavelengths for IPL have remained. IPL is simple to understand as its function is just this… Its for evening out skin tone. This means it will erase away the red and brown pigment within your skin to give you a more even skin tone. Essentially browns are lifted up and out and reds are diffused. This isn’t typically done in one treatment but rather a series of treatments at Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point. How does it do this? The device has different wave lengths within it. Some are for brown pigments; others are for red pigments. We are essentially targeting to your needs. There are other factors that also go along with this of course such as energy levels or “joules” as they are referred to in the industry and how much we deliver in this energy is determined by your skin type and also which treatment we are doing for you. If you are a darker skin type, your energy level will be lower and if you are on your first treatment, your energy level will also be lower. There are also chiller levels. The chiller use with an IPL is also very important. If you have only brown pigment that you are hoping to remove, then your chiller will be at max which is calming and cooling to your skin. This is because brown pigment is typically deeper within the skin than red pigment. However, if you have mostly all reds and capillaries in your pigment that you are also wanting to remove, then we will typically turn the cooler way down or turn it completely off. This is because unfortunately capillaries like to hide themselves from cool temperatures. And if they hide on us than your treatment will not be as effective. But and this is a big but…. We always explain to that client with lots of red pigments in their skin that due to the chiller being turned off and due to the fact that reds are typically sitting at the surface of the skin rather than deeper like the browns, you probably should consider taking a day or two off after the procedure as swelling is likely to occur. Bummer but it is more effective this way. And yes if you have a combination of red and brown pigments, we will target both at the same treatment. When will I see my results? Treatments are typically done every 30 days until you get to a point where you are good with the results of your improvements. What I love so much about this timeframe and return for treatment is that by the time you are returning; you will be seeing the full results of your last treatment. I always tell clients that a couple days before their next scheduled appointment, they will look in the mirror and say one of two things to themselves. It will either be “Wow! This is great and I’m fine with how far we have come”. Or they will look in the mirror and say “Wow! This is great; let’s keep pushing” and they will return for more IPL treatments until they are completely satisfied. And another great aspect to IPL is that once you get to a point of being satisfied, your maintenance to keep your skin continuing to look good is just 1 treatment every 9-12 months. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is truly a lot of bang for the buck. It not only evens out your https://dietitianlavleen.com/get-rid-of-accutane/ skin tone but it also triggers some collagen to help fill in fine lines. I’ve heard many clients over the years call it the “airbrushed look” and I think I would have to agree. If you haven’t tried IPL yet, you really need to. Its wonderfully effective and worth the money, contact us today to book an appointment. Related Article: What Is An IPL Photofacial?“”