What Is Coolsculpting and Does It Really Work?


CoolSculpting® is the very first device on the market that actually targeted fat cells within the body and delivered on results. To this day, there are only 3 devices that will destruct fat cells and that are FDA approved to do so within the U.S.

CoolSculpting® launched in 2009 and while the technology hasn’t changed or needed to, the devices have improved with regards to associated pain. They have really taken the suction piece and improved skin tolerance to it. This is a big deal because for most patients this means no pain during treatment or only very minimal pain. While bruising can occur, this too has improved with their latest devices.

So, what exactly is CoolSculpting®?

Coolsculpting is a device that when strapped on to your “fat pocket” will suction the fat inside, freeze the fat cells and send them out of your body’s immune system over a number of weeks. For the record, fat cells are known to be the easiest within the human body to be destroyed. So, it was only a matter of time before a device like this would come to market.

Does CoolSculpting® really work?

This is a resounding YES! In fact, it’s not possible for it not to work. Destruction after all, is destruction. If freezing is the component to destruction and you freeze a specified area, then it is not possible for it not to work. Might you need more than one treatment depending on the number of fat cells within a designated area? Well, that’s an obvious, YES also. It all depends on how many fat cells you have in any particular area and what your desired goal for this area is. Also, placement can be done incorrectly. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get destruction of those cells, but they possibly could have been placed better resulting in better results within a given area. This is where technician skill will factor in. Always ensure you have faith in the technician and establishment that you have chosen because it matters!

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