Healthy Skin

The Top 5 Daily “Must Do’s” for Healthy Skin

Many times these basics are overlooked, but they are the foundation for healthy skin!

Healthy Skin1.) Cleanse

Cleanse the dirt of the day and makeup off prior to bedtime.   Why?  Your skin goes into rest mode like the rest of your body does at bedtime and will drink in everything you give it.  You surely do not want it to be your makeup or the environment it’s been in!  You want it to be clean skin!

2.) Moisturize

Moisturize all skin types twice per day!  More moisture on your skin is More!   Why?  Even acneic skin needs moisture.  Contrary to popular belief stripping moisture from acneic skin will have your skin creating more of its own moisture to compensate.  Skin creates only Sweat (water) and Oil.  Strip it and it will create oil; not water.  More oil on acneic skin means more acne.  Lack of moisturizer on all skin types creates more fine lines and wrinkles due to the dryness and will make all skin conditions worse.

3.) Drink Water!

Hydration needs to happen on the outside and on the inside.  Why? Our skin collects the toxins that reside in our lymphatic system.  Our lymphatic system is where all the waste and toxins from our blood supply end up.  We need to flush our lymphatic system daily to rid ourselves of these toxins which will rid our skin of it as well.  Less toxins means more beautiful skin.  How Much?   Half of your body weight in ounces each day.  If you weigh 150lbs; you need 75 oz of pure water daily to flush!   This will alleviate cellulite (which is toxic buildup in our lymphatic system) and your skin will glow with the hydration.

4.) SPF

Use SPF with 30+ every single day of the year!   Why?  While the sun is damaging; cloudy, rainy days are culprits to sun damage and aging too!  It’s all about UV Rays.  There are UVA (Aging Rays) and UVB (Burning Rays).  I personally believe it should be called UV Protection rather than SPF!  It’s misleading!  And what will SPF do for you?  Halt aging and damage and keep it all from getting worse rapidly.  Think Sundamage, Pigmentation , Redness, Fine Lines and Wrinkles.  And what is in your makeup is not enough!  Think of makeup as simply additional coverage.  30+ is your ticket to defy aging and use it every single day of the year, rain or shine!  I’ve personally witnessed women in my practice who look 20 yrs younger than their age due to wearing SPF on a daily practice.  It wasn’t products or even treatments, it was SPF!

5.) Watch your Diet 

Garbage in truly shows on your skin!  Why?  The American diet is plagued with hormones, chemicals and processing techniques that include altered food states and even contain non-food ingredients that were never intended to be ingested.   Many pigmentation and acne issues are proven now to come from our food supply.  Make changes on a daily basis to eat cleaner, healthier foods. There are truly so many options now available thankfully!

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