The Top 7 Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a major trend in the beauty world. Considering the popularity of strip lashes and lash extensions, it’s clear that mascara is no longer enough!

Longer lashes truly have magical powers. Whether it’s for the sheer beauty of fuller lashes or for the enjoyment of having a more “exotic” look, making the most of eyelash extensions start with knowing more about them. Keep reading to find out the top seven things everyone needs to know about eyelash extensions.

1.) The Best Eyelash Extensions Are a Bit Expensive – But worth it

When getting eyelash extensions, don’t settle for the cheaper, lower quality option. The best extensions will cost around $150 or $250. Though expensive, these types of extensions can last much longer when cared for properly.

When looking for the right salon to handle eyelash extensions, be sure to assess the quality of their lashes and the adhesive used. When looking over their prices, be sure to ask about the number of singular lashes that are used in order to ensure that the finished look will be as promised. The best lash extensions are made from silk or mink. A high quality adhesive is non-toxic which equates to No Itching, No Redness, No Stinging, No Burning! Be sure to only use a spa that uses the highest quality lashes & extensions.

  2.) Request the Right Shape & Length

Anyone new to lash extensions may not know to ask for the lashes to be a certain shape. The most popular shapes are the C curl and the J curl. While the C curl is a dramatic shape, the J curl is the more natural alternative. Lashes come in various lengths to make your eyes “pop” so be sure to ask what length would be best for you.

  3.) Prep Before the Appointment

Newbies to eyelash extensions don’t realize that there is a waiting period following the application of extensions. After extensions are applied, it is recommended that the lashes stay dry for 24 hours. Be sure to prep before the appointment by showering and coming in makeup free.

It is a good idea to stay away from mascara for about a week before any eyelash extension appointment. Even when makeup-free, mascara can leave a long-lasting film on lashes that makes the application process difficult. A good aesthetician will remove all makeup residues prior to application.

  4.) Plan for a Long Appointment

Eyelash extension appointments generally last about two hours. During the application, eyes must be closed at all times. Consider taking a nap or come prepared with a podcast to listen to for the duration of the appointment.

  5.) Evaluate the Risk

First-timers should always evaluate the risk of any beauty treatment that they have not experienced before. On occasion, certain people react differently to certain products. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the risk can be greater as the eyes are very sensitive. In most cases, eyelash extensions do not have any serious risks. If you tend to be prone to allergic reactions or sensitive to many products, discuss this prior to your appointment.

  6.) Don’t Forget the Upkeep

Keeping lash extensions for the longest recommended amount of time requires the proper upkeep. Care for lash extensions includes brushing daily with the spoolie, avoiding any eye rubbing, and avoiding wetting the lashes. Additionally, oil based makeup remover should be avoided around the eyes so as to ensure the glue remains intact. Eyelash extenshions can last for several months with proper fills and upkeep appointments.

  7.) Always Remove Properly

Eyelash extensions can either be removed by a professional or left to fall out on their own. Eyelash extensions should never be pulled out as the glue will pull out natural eyelashes along with the extensions.

Artificial lashes are meant to be an enjoyable enhancement of natural beauty. Use these tips to prepare for any upcoming eyelash extension appointment. With the right skincare and beauty routine, eyelash extensions can be a wonderful asset for anyone!