Thanksgiving “Beauty Food” Tips!


Some of our traditional Thanksgiving meal fixings offer more than just great taste, they offer great beauty nutrients also!

As you give thanks this year, you can enjoy your plate a little bit more knowing your feeding your belly… and your skin!

Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, Green Beans and Pumpkin Pie are full of beauty enhancing properties that will make eating them a bit more rewarding!

Turkey has a lot of lean protein that is helpful in growing longer and stronger nails.

Sweet Potatoes are packed with anti-inflammatory vitamin A and C that will promote a clear complexion and shiny hair.

Cranberry Sauce is good for your urinary tract health with its infection fighting proanthocyanidins.

Green Beans contain anti-oxidants that are beneficial in anti-aging.

Nuts have a ton of healthy oil and Omega-3s that give you energy and help keep you full.

Pumpkin Pie’s color comes from carotenoids that help give your skin a “glow”.

So…… Enjoy the flavor of your Thanksgiving meal and it’s Hidden Bounty!

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