Beauty Resolutions for 2016

10 Simple Beauty Resolutions for 2016

Beauty Resolutions for 2016

At the Beginning of Each New Year There’s a Feeling of a “Fresh Start” in the Air!

Many of us find ourselves in pursuit of a mini makeover or a complete image overhaul.

In addition to promising to take more “me time” or to spend more time on the treadmill…. there are some quick and painless beauty resolutions you can adopt to make this year your most beautiful yet!

Here are our top ten beauty resolutions for 2016:

1.) Take Off Your Makeup Properly

Whether it’s with a fancy facial oil cleanser, a dose of rosewater, an all-in-one cleansing and makeup remover, or a makeup removing wipe—remove your makeup. Giving your pores time to breathe will ensure that you have a clear canvas to work with.

2.) Invest in a Toner

The middle part of your skincare routine—cleanse, tone, and moisturize—is arguably the most important, yet it’s the one that people most often neglect.  An application of toner will tighten your pores and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh.

3.) Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Applying makeup with a set of fluffy, soft brushes can be a real pleasure—it saves getting your fingertips saturated in foundation.  A brush set can give a high-quality finish to your makeup and should be kept clean. Choose one day a week to wash your makeup brushes, after they are washed…let them air dry!

4.) Replace Your Mascara Every Three Months

Holding on to your mascara for too long can irritate your eyes and can leave your lashes very dry and flaky.  When your mascara starts to flake off your lashes and fall on your cheekbones….it’s time to trade it in for some new!

5.) Try a New Color

One thing we all love is a person’s ability to change up her look. If you love a nude lipstick, you should add a punchy red into your makeup collection. If you’re faithful to black mascara, opt for a chocolate brown during the day or a vivid violet or smoky eggplant eye shadow shade instead of your trusted carbon black. Give it a try and see what compliments you receive!

6.) Treat Your Skin to a Facial

Clean skin is happy skin—and sometimes, you need more than just an exfoliating polish to keep yours looking plump and gleaming. Leave it to the professionals at Advanced Skin Therapy to help you decide whether you’re in need of Microdermabrasion, a Chemical Peel, or some LED Light Therapy. Your skin will thank you for it!

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7.) Always Wear Sunscreen

Beautifully tanned skin can come at a price—don’t make it your youth. Too much sun exposure can cause premature aging that causes wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. Modern makeup and skincare formulas usually have an SPF already in the mix, but when you are out for a day at the beach, always pack an SPF spritz for touch-ups on the go.

8.) Look After Your Pearly Whites

Visiting your dentist twice a year is both a hygiene and beauty must. A beautiful smile is worth investing in, and with a little maintenance and perhaps some whitening, yours may just become your best accessory.

9.) Don’t Forget your Cuticles

A lot of water exposure can strip your nails of their natural nourishing oils.  Apply cuticle oil onto your nail bed daily to help lock in moisture and keep your fingertips both healthy and strong.

10.) Go for the Body Buff

A thorough body polish will slough away dead skin cells and leave a layer of fresh and baby-soft skin underneath. Whether you choose an Aromatic Salt Glow Body Treatment or a Deep Exfoliation and Polishing from Advanced Skin Therapy, the movement will increase the blood circulation and help with both dry skin and cellulite.

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Make a Commitment to Enjoy the Simple’s!

We wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2016!””