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Say goodbye to decisions of the past; say hello to a new you with the best tattoo removal Lynnwood, WA, has to offer! 

There are many reasons one may be seeking tattoo removal: you have matured, you have simply changed your mind, or maybe it’s a job-related reason. Regardless of the cause, we are your local tattoo removal specialist and are here to help you get what you want.


What Is Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a process in which ink deposited into the skin is lifted and eventually eliminated. The best method of removing a tattoo involves the use of laser technology. Tattoo laser removal is safe, effective, and efficient.

The tattoo removal process requires the ink to be heated. The heating process is achieved by using very brief yet powerful beams of light. As the laser begins to break down the ink, your body will begin to absorb and discard the unwanted ink. Because the laser is used for such a brief period, the skin is not harmed. 

During each session, you can expect to be treated with the utmost care. The treatment area will be cleaned, we will apply a numbing agent to ensure you are comfortable, and then we will begin. As each person and tattoo is different, the first step of the process is to adjust the laser wavelengths to make sure they are best suited to your skin. Each session should last no more than 30 minutes.


Best Tattoo Removal Lynnwood

Tattoo Removal Cost in Lynnwood, WA

The cost of tattoo removal can vary based on a variety of factors. Some common things to consider in determining the cost of removing a tattoo include but are not limited to tattoo size, colors, age of the tattoo, and an individual’s overall health.


Number of Tattoo Removal Treatments

While it would be ideal to complete tattoo removal in one session, it will likely take a minimum of four sessions. To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the removal, methodical treatment is best. Once a specialist looks at your tattoo and begins the process, it will be easier to define the number of sessions it may take to achieve the desired removal results.

Tattoo Removal Aftercare in Lynnwood

Caring for your treatment site after removal is very important. Below are recommended steps to ensure quality care.

●      Avoid getting the area wet for a couple of hours.

●      For a week after treatment, keep the site covered with a bandage and use an antibiotic ointment to ensure the site does not get infected.

●      Avoid using any products (besides antibiotic ointment) for two days.

●      Although it can be tempting, don’t scratch or pick at the treatment area.

●      Limit any excessive activity at or around the area.

●      If you experience any swelling, you can use an ice pack.

Best Tattoo Removal in Lynnwood

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