Reticular Veins: Causes and How to Treat Them

Reticular Veins

Unsightly, cosmetic leg veins are caused by many factors such as obesity, childbirth, and trauma with heredity being the number one cause.

Vein disease is inherited. Although results of treatment are often dramatic, as with all cosmetic procedures, with sclerotherapy we look for improvement—not perfection. If we can obtain 75% improvement in veins, we are doing very well. Improvement more than 75% of the time happens regularly and is excellent.

Although we do not treat varicose veins (superficial veins that appear enlarged and twisted), here at Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point, we do treat the underlying cause of cosmetic spider veins, called Reticular veins.

Reticular veins, also known as blue/green feeder veins may branch and feed spider veins. By closing the reticular vein “feeding” a spider area, the resultant lowering of pressure and blood flow into the spider vein may cause the spider to fade on its own without being injected.

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