How to Get Rid of a Double Chin

Humans have two of several body parts with tremendous value and function: eyes, ears, hands, and feet. Let’s face it, a double chin is not a part of that list. Though annoying and possibly embarrassing, a double chin is simply an excess of fat under the chin. Getting rid of your double chin can be multifaceted, but there are many options to consider.


Causes of Having a Double Chin

Many things can lead to having a double chin, some of which may be out of your control. Such factors include family history, constant changes in weight, and age. While you can’t change the family you were born into or the impact that time has on the human body, there are methods to reduce your double chin.

Various Options to Reduce a Double Chin

Your journey to attacking stubborn chin fat can begin right now, wherever you are.

Exercise: Regular exercise is one of the primary ways to keep our bodies in tiptop shape. While it may take some time to see results, chin exercises can help reduce fat around your chin and neck. Consistency is key when using this method.

Diet: Maintaining a well-balanced diet that regularly includes vegetables and fruits can help burn some of the fat in the chin area. It is important to avoid fried, sugary, and fatty foods. Calories count when it comes to the chin!

Treatment Options: For instances that are resistant to diet and exercise, there are additional options that are easily accessible, including facial moisturizers specifically for skin tightening, applicators or straps that add to the resilience of your skin’s elasticity, and massaging tools that assist in the creation of collagen in the skin.


Additional Treatment Options Available to Reduce a Double Chin

For harder cases, or if you simply prefer more efficient alternatives, there are professional cosmetic options available to you.

Lipolysis: There are two ways this treatment can be done—either through injections or by using a laser. Injection lipolysis uses a solution that targets and reduces fat cells. Laser lipolysis also aims at the desired area of fat cells but is not as intrusive to the body. This process melts fat using heat from a laser beam.

Mesotherapy (a.k.a. Kybella): This treatment is injected into a targeted area and eliminates fat cells quickly. Kybella has a greater level of effectiveness because it is injected deeper into the skin. Many see increased results with this method of treatment because it focuses on a larger area that could potentially be lending to excess fat in the chin.

CoolSculpting: The technique of CoolSculpting under the chin is also known as fat freezing. Studies show that fat cells, more than other cells in the body, respond to cool temperatures. Once the cells are frozen, the body’s white blood cells respond in a way that attacks and kills the fat cells. CoolSculpting is a proven, effective, and low-risk option for reducing stubborn fat.

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