how laser hair removal works

How does Laser Hair Removal Work and How Well does it work

Laser hair removal works by targeting hair follicles that are below the surface of the skin.  Essentially, laser hair removal permanently destroys the hair follicle making hair growth in said follicle obsolete.  Because not all hair is in every follicle at any given time, it does require multiple appointments to achieve full results and this will depend on which device you are utilizing for this service. Some will require 4-6 treatments while other devices could be 10-12 treatments.  It is always recommended that you stay within the timelines that are given to you by your provider as different body parts will require different amounts of time between each session. For instance, facial hair is typically 2-4 weeks in between sessions as this is the amount of time that it will take for hair growth to cycle back into that area, while other areas such as legs typically require 8-10 weeks in between sessions.

how laser hair removal works

Does it work:   This is a resounding YES!  Laser Hair Removal works fantastically however it is important to realize that we only consider it 85-90% effective overall.  The main reason that we cannot call it 100% effective (although some will achieve this) is due to hormones that continue to fluctuate throughout a lifetime.  In our practice once you accomplish your full series, we put you into what we call “maintenance”. Maintenance with laser hair removal means if you see hair start to come back; call us and come back in for 1 session.  This could be 3 months down the road or it could be 3 years, but come back and tackle it as soon as you notice it so that you are not back in 10 years doing another series. Birth control affects our hormones as does pregnancy, nursing, menstruation, menopause, puberty, depletion of hormones and so much more.

How to prepare and how to know if it’s working:  Unlike waxing or sugaring, with laser hair removal we need to have your hair closely and fully shaven in the area that is to be treated.  We ask that you shave the night before or the morning of your appointment. If you didn’t shave beforehand, the laser wouldn’t reach into the follicle but rather would just singe the hair on top of the skin.  This would defeat the purpose of this procedure.

When you are being treated, you will most likely smell the burning of the hair in the follicle and feel some pain as well. We call it a “no pain; no gain” treatment.  And of course, everyone’s pain threshold is a bit different but typically you will feel some stinging pressure. Once the laser is taken off of any given spot, the pain will immediately subside.

You will know it’s working when your remaining hair is much thinner than it was before you started and you will start to notice less hair altogether.  This service is a win and we highly recommend it. One word of caution… if you are considering this procedure, please do so before your hair would turn gray.   A laser requires pigment in the hair and gray in fact, has no pigment remaining.

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