Facelift without surgery or injections – Is it really possible?

Face lift without injectionsIf you have been wondering whether it is possible to have a facelift without surgery or injections, you are not alone. Many times, individuals want to make changes to the way their faces look but are hesitant to undergo surgery or to have fillers injected. Surgical cosmetic procedures carry risks and require downtime for recovery. Injections often cause temporary swelling, and the procedure is uncomfortable.

You will be happy to learn that a noninvasive facelift treatment known as “Microcurrent” can give you the results you want without surgery, without injections and without downtime.

Microcurrent treatments, popular among men and women alike, use very low electrical current to stimulate the skin and underlying muscles. A Microcurrent facelift requires so little time and inconvenience that it has gained the nickname, “Lunchtime Facelift.” Each treatment takes a minimum of 40 minutes, and patients often are in and out of our treatment rooms in approximately an hour.

If you choose to have a Microcurrent facelift, you will find that it requires no anesthesia and causes very little discomfort, if any. Most patients find these treatments relaxing, and there is no recovery time needed. Yet, the benefits are many.

How Microcurrent Rejuvenates Skin and Reduces the Effects of Aging

Our bodies continually use electricity. Electrical signals travel through nerves to and from the brain to all parts of our bodies. Some signals control muscle movement. Facial muscles control our expressions, and over time these muscles may either sag or remain in a constant state of tension.

Microcurrent, when applied properly, tones specific muscles in the face by signaling them to lengthen or shorten slightly. It is important to have an experienced, certified skincare therapist or aesthetician perform your Microcurrent facial treatments. He or she will be familiar with the locations of the individual attachment points and contractile portions or “bellies” of all 32 muscles in your face.

face lift without surgeryWhen Microcurrent strokes are applied evenly from the belly of a muscle outward, the muscle will relax. This technique decreases the amount of steady tension held by certain muscles that have become unable to completely relax due to years of use in making certain facial expressions.

Conversely, muscles that have stretched over the years due to aging and the pull of gravity will experience a shortening effect when the aesthetician applies Microcurrent in even strokes to work them from the points of attachment inward toward the center of the muscle belly.

Qualified skin therapists also sometimes use Microcurrent probes to gently lift the muscle slightly, then briefly hold it in place. The current stimulates a complex molecule known as adenosine triphosphate, or “ATP.” ATP provides energy to the muscle cells. It also accelerates healing.

An additional benefit of stroking areas of the face with Microcurrent probes is that it causes congested lymph glands and tissues that retain water to drain. For example, Microcurrent therapy applied to bags under the eyes noticeably reduces swelling.

A certain form of Microcurrent known as “Specific Iontophoresis” makes water-based products go into or under the skin to aid in resolving various skin problems. The aesthetician applies the product to the skin and then uses Microcurrent, controlling the amount and intensity of current that travels from one probe to the other. As the current travels, the skin care product penetrates the skin to the predetermined depth that will produce the most effective results.

Microcurrent has been used for years in the medical field to help patients with poor circulation or wounds that are slow to heal. These benefits carry over into the field of skin therapy in managing signs of skin aging and helping with certain facial problems. Improved circulation results in healthier, more youthful skin.

Facelift Without Surgery – How to Get Started

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