CoolTone™ Services in Lake Stevens

CoolTone™ - A Body-Sculpting Therapy

CoolTone™ is a body-sculpting therapy that delivers long-lasting results and can help you regain lost confidence in your body. If you are looking for CoolTone™ treatments in Lake Stevens, WA, look no further than Advanced Skin Therapy.

To learn more about our CoolTone™ services in Lake Stevens, continue reading or give our clinic a call today. 

What Can I Expect From CoolTone™ in Lake Stevens?

For those unfamiliar with what CoolTone™ is, the best way to describe it is as a non-intrusive body-contouring service. It’s a treatment that tightens loose skin, decreases redundant fat, and tones the muscles.

At our clinic in Lake Stevens, we understand that gaining confidence through body shaping shouldn’t be a difficult task. This is why we make sure that our CoolTone™ treatments only last four sessions, giving you an easy way to work towards your toning goals.

The sessions are completed over a period of two weeks and usually don’t last longer than 30 minutes. To get your questions answered or to schedule a consultation to see if CoolTone™ is right for you, please contact our clinic today.

How Do CoolTone™ Treatments Work?

The secret to CoolTone™’s effectiveness is high-frequency electromagnetic pads. These work to contract the muscles in the target area of your body. This works because of something called Magnetic Muscle Stimulation.

The process is completely safe and pain-free. Put simply, the electromagnetic pads are tensing your muscles enough for them to build mass and also tone.

Is CoolSculpting the Same Thing as CoolTone™?

If you have happened to hear about CoolSculpting, you might be confused if there is a difference with CoolTone™. Both services tone the target areas of the body, but they accomplish this in different ways.


  • Uses Magnetic Muscle Stimulation 
  • Tones muscles
  • Tightens skin around the target area


  • Freezes excess fat cells
  • Tones muscles 
  • Reduces body fat

CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting accomplish similar things, but they get there in different ways. One tenses and contracts the muscles to tone, while the other uses cold-technology to freeze and eliminate fat cells. 

At Advanced Skin Therapy, our clinic in Lake Stevens, WA, offers both services in a package deal. Our representatives at the Lake Stevens clinic would love to help you determine if doing both services would be beneficial for your body contouring goals. 

We have been offering both CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting services for years, and have helped many achieve their goals of losing fat and toning their muscles.

Are There Any Benefits to CoolTone™?

Apart from accomplishing body toning and fat loss goals, CoolTone™ also has other added benefits:
  • There is no pain in the process and it’s not invasive at all
  • Our sessions only last for a half-hour
  • You can see results right away
  • Unlike other services, there is no needed recovery time.

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