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Botox – What You Need To Know About this and How it Works

botox resultsBotox is in a classification called “neuro-modulators or neuro-toxins”.  It works by relaxing the muscles that create wrinkles. While mostly used from the “crow’s feet and up” including the forehead, between the eyes, and for eyebrow lifting, it is also often used in other facial areas as well.  These other areas are known as “off label” areas and can include above the lip, along the jawline, around the mouth and even on the neck. While off-label is popular, it should be discussed with your Botox provider as not all providers offer these areas and even if they do, there are potential risk factors that should be discussed beforehand.    

Botox typically lasts 3-4 months and takes anywhere from 2-14 days to fully “set”.  This has to do with how quickly your body metabolizes it. Metabolizing can be a double-edged sword however because it can mean that if you metabolize quickly then your Botox will set quickly but it also can mean that you metabolize out more quickly too and therefore will be at the lower end of the typical 3-4 months of “lasting”.  Heavy exercise can also affect how long your Botox will last as it too will help you to metabolize out more quickly. What is meant by “heavy exercise” is activities such as “running” and “heavyweights bodybuilding”.    

The Secret to Botox:  Yes, there actually is one.  If you take a one-year period and have your Botox put in quarterly or 4 times in that calendar year, 3 months apart (or just before it all runs out); then you will start to get what we call “muscle memory”.  When this happens, you will actually do one of two things. Once you are into the second year, you will either need it less often or you will need less of it on a quarterly basis. This is the secret to Botox.  This not only extends life but also decreases the price.

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