Tri-Bella Powerful 3 in 1 Skin Treatments (2.5 hrs)

Tri-Bella is a powerful and somewhat aggressive treatment that is typically done in a 2-series (6 weeks apart) – it is used for treatment of pigmentation (browns and reds) including capillaries, collagen induction via Radio Frequency (RF) for skin tightening and Fractional for skin resurfacing.


This treatment gets down to business with your skin in short order. Each of the three treatments are used in our clinic on a daily basis but singularly. They are each very successful in what they can do for your skin.

Tri-Bella takes it to the next level and is highly recommended by the training clinicians of this device. You are in terrific hands with our skilled team and we welcome you to give it a try.

A few things to go over….

You will be numbed for this treatment – Yes!

Downtime: will happen! Our medical director will offer you a steroid prescription to assist with your healing but swelling will absolutely occur. Do not have plans after your treatment or for the next two days. We will not want you to apply anything other than a required “pure hydrating serum” for the next 2-3 days and will ask that you do not wash your skin for the first 24 hrs.

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Before your treatment: be taking arnica tablets (sold in our office for $8) for 3-4 days prior and 2x/day. This will help considerably with swelling and even potential bruising.

Come to your appt clean faced which means cleansed with no moisturizers, serums or sunscreens applied.
This treatment without exception requires a facial two weeks prior.
No retinol products are to be used 7 days prior.

Cost: $750 (this is a savings of $275 off of each treatment individually done).

This treatment can be done on the chest, neck or face. That said, choose your area because only one area will be done at any given treatment.

As long as you give yourself the required downtime and prepare appropriately, you will be amazed at what this treatment will do for your skin.

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