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We truly offer such a variety of services with our goal being to encompass all things anti-aging as well as services that help our clientele to feel better about themselves.

Devices used by our aesthetics team use the latest technology and come with not only extensive initial training to our team members but on-going training as well so that we are abreast and educated on the latest techniques and technologies.

For Injections we use exclusively Allergan (Botox/Juvederm) and Galderma (Dysport/Restylane).  We trust these two manufacturers and their respective companies as they are the oldest dermal filler and neurotoxin producers and are solidly backed by technology.  Why mess with a good thing is our philosophy.

For PDO Threads we are exclusive to PDO Max and Nova Threads.  Same philosophy as our injections. These are tried and true companies with a responsible and respectable reputation.

Skin Care Lines:  The bulk of the products that we carry come from Obagi Skin Care. They have been around for decades and are the line that we have seen the most promise in.  If you have pigmentation or wrinkling or fine lines or just want or need to anti-age by years, then this line will do it for you. I have never been more impressed and seen better results than with this skin care line.

Additionally, we carry some products from Image Skin Care as their line is a very nice and hydrating line of products as well as a few products from Canadian Company GM Collins.  We love GM’s eye cream, retinol and they also make one fantastic post treatment or just go-to hydration serum that is out of this world

Body Sculpting:  CoolSculpting/Cooltone:  Allergan’s Coolsculpting is the number one body procedure performed in the world.  Again, why mess with a good thing.  These devices do as they say they will and perform they do.          

Eyelashes/Eyebrows:  We use the best line of eyelash extensions available. While some glues and lashes themselves can cause allergic reactions, the stellar lashes and glues that we use cause the least that we have experienced over the years and the same is true for our lash lifts and tints.

You are in great hands with the Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point team and our choices!

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