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Skin Care Products that we offer…

We utilize a few different brands of skincare products actually here at Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point.  There are always reasons for different lines.

Some of the key components of all of the skincare lines that we carry are penetration, price point and delivered results.

Penetration matters!  Most products that you can purchase in a retail outlet in the US are classified by the FDA as Cosmetics.  Products that penetrate are classified by the FDA as Drugs and these products that penetrate that we offer here.  And there is a huge difference that you will notice the first time you place it on your skin. While all can have the same ingredients, if you are getting penetration then it means the molecular size is a whole lot smaller. This is what you want and this is what you will feel.

Price Point:  Most products purchased from Medical Spas, Physician Offices, are priced lower per gram than anything that you will purchase retail.  There is a very simple reason for this: these brands are sold directly from the manufacturer with no middlemen or overhead. You are getting far superior products at less or only slightly more than you would pay at other retail shopping skincare counters for “cosmetics”.

Delivered Results:  All of the product lines that we carry (see below) deliver on their promised results.  These are proven performance ingredients that are meant to do just that: perform. There are antioxidants to help your skin recover from oxidative stress that creates damage; lightening agents that attend to pigmentation concerns; collagen, elastin, and peptides to help firm you back up; hyaluronic acids that hydrate and plump and much more but these are the basics and they deliver on results.

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A look at the Skin Care lines that we carry and why:

Image Skincare

Image Skin Care:  this is a brand that is known for hydration.  A statement that I always use is “more hydration means less wrinkles – period”.  Image Skin Care captures that. We offer quite a few products in this product line and it’s been a tried and true brand for us for many years now. Customers flock to this line and with good reason.


Obagi Skin Care:  If you are prone to pigmentation than this is the product line to use.  It is the WOW factor for pigment. (See photo below of one of our clients).  This line is also responsible for countless anti-aging properties.  A person who has used the Obagi line for any length of time is noticeable.  Their skin will look smooth as silk.

While there are a lot of skin lighteners to even skin tone in this line, there are also very healthy doses of retinoids for anti-aging and hydration ingredients too. And hands down, this is the BEST eye cream that we have ever seen.  It not only has collagen in it but also elastin. This is so important because they cross-check each other and will get rid of the bags and lines in short order. They also just added this same product for the face/neck/decollete – Simply Amazing!


PCA – we only carry three of their moisturizers now because their line is fairly similar to Image Skin Care, but these moisturizers are a fantastic price point for the hydration and penetration that they provide.



GM Collins:  This is a Canadian product line with many patents.  We carry their hydrating serum and it is the most purchased item for us other than Image’s SPF 50 which comes in at #1 in terms of product purchases.  We also carry their Eyecream and Retinol 1% that clients have come to love. This retinol is a great substitute for those that are not quite ready for Obagi’s tretinoin.


VI Peel:  While this is a much sought after chemical peel company and we do carry their peels, we additionally carry three products that are really good.  They are the SPF 50, Hydrating Serum and Skin Firming Serum. All great price points and outstanding products.

IMAGE Skincare: Before and After

When our customers look at the Before and After Section, IMAGE Skincare therapy’s results are quite impressive. Before and after skincare photos are proof of the stark improvements in the appearance and elasticity of the skin, with these IMAGE Skincare products:

  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improving the overall tone and texture of the skin
  • Reducing age spots and blemishes

The results are truly amazing, which is the reason that Advanced Skin Therapy clinicians recommend these products so highly. Taking into account the various products available from IMAGE Skincare, before and after pictures certainly show a visible improvement in all types of clients. If you want noticeable results, why not ask us more about which IMAGE Skincare products may be ideal for your skin type and season in life?

Why Professionals like IMAGE Skincare (Before and After Results)

At Advanced Skin Therapy, the results are the most important consideration for our clients. We offer a wide variety of IMAGE Skincare products because we understand that each of our valued clients has individual needs. It is easy to see the possibilities with these before and after photos, so imagine how much it could do for your skin after just a few weeks. 

Be sure to have a look at the dramatic results in our Before and After Section—IMAGE Skincare is an excellent choice at Advanced Skin Therapy.

Image Skin Care - Before and After Photos

*Results may vary by individual