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vampire facial near me

PRP Vampire Facials & Facelifts

vampire facial near me

Revitalizing your face and skin without invasive surgery can be achieved at Advanced Skin Therapy by using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Exosomes.

Vampire Facials and Vampire Face Lift – PRP – what are these treatments and what is the difference between these two procedures?

Let’s explain by separating the two services for ease of understanding.

A Vampire Facial is very much like a microneedling facial/treatment with the exception being that we are using the PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma from your own blood as a serum to be infused into your skin as opposed to using a serum of hyaluronic acid.  While hyaluronic acid will infuse your skin with hydration during a microneedling treatment, platelets are the cells in your blood that help to heal and cause new cell growth.  Or said another way, platelets will generate new collagen, generate repair to your cells while stimulating new cell growth.  When you combine new collagen, new cellular growth and repair of cells, you will combat the cause of so much skin damage and aging over the years. PRP is often referred to as Liquid Gold!  PRP is also known as Regenerative Cell Therapy.

What is our skin goal as it pertains to all over skin rejuvenation?  

  • Triggering (increasing) collagen that has depleted and stalled due to the aging process
  • Tightening of skin
  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten up pores
  • Improve Skin Tone and Texture
  • Increase hydration retention

The process… we will draw your blood from your arm, put it into a centrifuge and spin out the platelets.  From here, these platelets become the serum that will be microneedled into your skin.  This is a full face treatment.

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Vampire Face Lift (PRP with a Dermal Filler) – PRP is also known as Regenerative Cell Therapy

While many of us love to have a dermal filler injected into our face for lifting and filling in shallow lines, a vampire facelift takes this one step further.  A Vampire Face Lift is an injection of dermal filler along with Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP.  As explained above, platelet rich plasma is about the creation of new collagen growth and repair of cellular damage while stimulating new cell growth.  This causes a rejuvenation of your skin that dermal filler alone cannot do. 

What is our skin goal as it pertains to all Vampire Facelift?

  • Filling in fine lines and wrinkles caused by the lack of collagen production
  • Pinpointing those “trouble”areas such as eyes, nasal labial folds, upper lip and chin or marionette lines. 
  • Increasing collagen while also adding platelets/exosomes to increase the effectiveness of the dermal fillers.  In otherwords, filler “fills in” but platelets and exosomes aid in your own skin’s regeneration of collagen so that you are getting more than just a “fill in”.     
  • While Vampire Facials do cover all areas of the face, the Vampire Facelift is specifically pinpointing the more defined trouble areas while using dermal filler to assist, so essentially getting two treatments in one in these areas. 

The process… we will draw your blood from your arm, put it into a centrifuge and spin out the platelets.  First step in the process is to add dermal filler into all the trouble areas of your face. These are typically under the eyes, nasal labial folds, upper lip and chin or marionette lines. While the filler will provide some instant and visible results, it also becomes the “glue” to hold the platelets in place and the exosomes too if you choose them. More on Exosomes below.  

Let’s take this Vampire Facial/Facelift one step further… Vampire Facial/Facelift with PRP and Exosomes.

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are the “tails” of young stem cells and the information carriers to skin cells.  While stem cells in full are great for rejuvenation of knees and really all body parts except facial skin, it’s exosomes that are the perfect fit for facial treatments and the Vampire Facial and Vampire Facelift.  Why stem cells for body and exosomes for facial areas?  This is really all about the molecular size.  While exosomes are often confused with stem cells, stem cells are much larger in size and therefore better for larger body parts while the small molecular size of exosomes makes them perfect for facial areas (face, neck, chest/decollete). 

What do Exosomes do?

Generally speaking, exosomes are extremely anti-inflammatory in nature and also are the carriers of healthy and lost cell information.  Exosomes from stem cells contain valuable cell information consisting of proteins and genetic information that cells need to function properly.  Exosomes carry this information and insert it into the target cells.  

We know that as we age, stem cells don’t send out as many exosomes as they did when they were young.  If we take stem cells from an older person and stimulate them, they produce exosomes.  But a young person’s stem cells when stimulated produce many, many more exosomes. So, age matters tremendously when it comes to numbers of exosomes produced. If you take the stem cells of an older person and younger person together in the same media and put a barrier between them, you will find something interesting happens. Even though they are not touching, the stem cells of the older person start to become young again. What happens is the young stem cells are communicating via exosomes giving the older stem cells the information they need to rejuvenate or anti-age.  

Exosomes released by young stem cells have been shown to be very powerful in regulating regenerative processes and assisting in all forms of anti-aging rejuvenation.  So, adding exosomes to PRP is a way to supercharge your skin cells.  We’ve now gone from Liquid Gold to Liquid Gold Turbo-charged. 

Exosomes are considered “biologics” and are stored frozen while suspended in saline.  We use only FDA approved exosomes and are proud to be working with an exclusive distributer in R3.  R3 is known for regenerative medicine and more information on them can be found by going to their website at:  

How do I know if I should choose PRP only or PRP with Exosomes? 

Age will be one factor and the second factor would be skin health quality. Generally speaking, PRP is powerful on its own with regard to cellular repair and rejuvenation and exosomes become a supercharger to PRP.  Because exosomes are anti-inflammatory in nature, they will also bring your “downtime” down to just 1-2 days from 4-7 with just PRP.  

For the Vampire Facial we recommend 3 treatments over the course of 3-4  months for anti-aging and rejuvenation so my recommendation for most people over the age of 40 yrs old would be to do two treatments with just PRP and 1 treatments with PRP and exosomes to ensure you are not only getting cellular damage repaired and replaced but with the addition of exosomes, we are also anti-aging our own skin’s stem cells. For Vampire Facials

For the Vampire Facelift, we recommend two per year or 6 months in between each.  We strongly recommend for most people over 40 yrs old, start out with PRP with Dermal Filler and Exosomes and discuss additional treatments with our practitioner. Again, this will depend on age, skin health quality and overall general health. 

Introductory Pricing thru December 31, 2020

Facial PRP:  $750 3-Series:  $2100

Facial PRP and Exosomes:  $1350 3-Series:  $3750

2 PRP Facials; 1 PRP/Exosomes Facial:  $2700

Facelift PRP and Dermal Filler:  $1300 2-Series:  $2400

Facelift PRP/Dermal Filler/Exosomes:  $2000  2–Series:  $3800

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