Deciding to have a tattoo removed is a highly personal matter. 

Regardless of your motivation for deciding to have your tattoo removed, having high-quality removal services are paramount in ensuring that you are satisfied with your removal results. 

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While this can be a difficult decision to make, if you feel that it’s the right choice for you, there are effective ways to remove tattoos so that you can once again feel like your aesthetics reflect who you are on the inside. 

Marysville Tattoo Removal Clinic

Here at Advanced Skin Therapy, our clinic has made it our mission to help Marysville residents feel the best that they can in their skin. We do this by offering premium esthetician and tattoo removal services. 

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Average Tattoo Removal Cost

The cost of tattoo laser removal depends greatly on the size of the tattoo as well as the whether or not multi-colored ink was used.

Generally, the cost of laser tattoo removal varies between $200 and $500 per session. The number of sessions that you’ll need vary and should be discussed with a tattoo specialist along with the level of removal that you’re hoping to achieve.

How Many Treatments Does it Take to Get the Best Tattoo Removal Results?

If you are looking for complete tattoo removal, you will likely need between six and eight sessions. Keep in mind however that you could need more depending on the size and coloring of the tattoo.

Best Tattoo Removal Aftercare Tips

After tattoo removal, it’s essential for your healing to follow specific aftercare tips to aid in recovery. 

Five helpful tips for recovering after a tattoo removal include: 

  1. Avoid sun exposure. 
  2. Abstain from smoking or consuming alcohol during recovery. 
  3. Refrain from picking any scabs or blisters that form on the removal site. 
  4. Only use gentle soap and water pressure on the removal site when showering. 
  5. Avoid baths, pools, hot tubs, and any other bodies of water where the site might be completely submerged. 

Tattoo Removal Process

There are three primary steps that occur during the removal of a tattoo. 

  1. Cleansing. Before the removal process can begin, the site must be thoroughly cleansed.
  2. Numbing. To reduce the likelihood of patients experiencing pain during the procedure, numbing cream will be applied to the site. 
  3. Tattoo Removal. A special laser known as a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser will then be used to break down the tattoo ink — resulting in its removal.

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