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Skincare Product REALITY

Products Reality: How confusing it is out there?!? How do you know what to buy, which ingredients are the ones you need and/or want for your skin concerns and if they even really work!

Are you ready for some reality and clarity?

The real hard truth is that any product that you can purchase from a retailer is by U.S. FDA Law NOT allowed to penetrate the layers of your skin. YES this is correct! It all comes down to the molecular size of the components/ingredients. In otherwords, the molecular size of the ingredients in these retail products must be large enough that they can only sit on the top layer of your skin. They are classified as cosmetics. So while this may sound ok, it is NOT nearly enough to bring the results you are seeking. We have 15 layers of skin. Don’t you want to get these ingredients into each of these layers for real anti-aging and real results no matter what your skin concerns/conditions? Exactly!

The products you want are classified as cosmoceuticals/intraceuticals which are able to penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin. These are the products that we use in all of our treatments and what we sell directly to our clients. These products are Powerful, Active and bring Real Results! Additionally each of the products we carry come with before and after photos that haven’t been touched up and clearly show the difference in results that can really be achieved and in what timeframe.

Think of products this way: We can really anti-age you and help with all of your skin concerns and conditions, but it really matters what you are doing with your skin the other days of the month. You want active products that produce real results every single day!

Cost Difference: These days the pricing is going to come out nearly the same truly. So why not pay the same money you currently are paying but getting real results! We couldn’t agree more! And we believe less is more with products. In order to achieve real results no matter what your skin condition you will typically only need the following: Yes, you need a daytime moisturizer with SPF, a nighttime moisturizer, a nighttime serum and a daytime serum and maybe an eye cream, but nothing more than that and when we show you the results we feel confident you will agree!

Consultation and Getting Started: Not sure what to schedule for an appointment? Please see all of our categories and service options. From there, schedule a consultation with us and we will decide together. Thank you for allowing us to heal and better your skin conditions!

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