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Ultimate Eyelash Extensions!

Choose your Length and Curl.

Serving Arlington, Marysville &  Everett Washington

Make your eyelashes look exactly as you envision them to look!

We use only the highest quality lashes and glue because it matters! Certification is required on our part and results are fun and as dramatic or real as you want them to be.

The glue is non-toxic which equates to No Itching, No Redness, No Stinging, No Burning! And we use the highest quality lashes (silk and mink) in varying lengths and curl to make your eyes pop just as you want them to.

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Want to add some drama and sexiness to your look, then eyelash extensions may be just the ticket for you.

*Results may vary by individual

Advantages to Eyelash Extensions:

  • *No Curling of Lashes
  • *No Mascara to put on or take off (daily time savings)
  • *With no removal of mascara each night, you aren’t rubbing that delicate skin area anymore. This saves wrinkling and breakdown of skin from occurring (aging eyes and skin).
  • *When waking up with lashes, you no longer look tired, but instead ready to go.
  • *Fun and Sexy eyes and lashes 24/7

Now On Special!

– Eyelash Extensions/Eyebrow Waxing/Tinting:

– Full Set $150 (approx. 120 min)
– Regular Fill: $50 (every 2-3 weeks approx. 60 mins)
– Eyebrow Waxing: $15
– Eyebrow Tinting: $15
– Eyelash Tinting: $20
– Eyebrow Waxing with Lashes: $10; without lashes: $15

   * Save $5 off tinting/waxing when done at same time as Eyelash Extensions


  • If you push out your appt past 3 weeks, we may charge up to $30 in additional fees for extra time required. 
  • Please come to your appointment without mascara on your lashes.  Having to remove the mascara can leave oil on your lashes causing the glue to not adhere as it otherwise would. And we charge a mascara removal fee of $15

To schedule or for more info call: 360-651-8343

Or use our Quick Contact Form

Serving Arlington, Marysville &  Everett Washington

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