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Advanced Skin Spa & Medical Spa Specializing in Anti-Aging

Christine Adams, MN, RN, BSN

Do you know how good it feels when you feel like you’re glowing?  When you look in the mirror with a dash of satisfaction knowing you’re putting your best foot forward?  Things are just cookin’.  People see and feel this kind of inner radiance and are automatically attracted to it.

Helping you look your best and feel your most attractive is my new career endeavor. Nursing has been a wonderful career for me for over thirty years.  The transition from caring for women and families throughout pregnancy and delivery and then into menopause has been a natural one.

Curiosity about anti-aging techniques and modalities has ignited my desire to learn more about skin, our largest organ.  As a nurse and a health care educator I have a passion for teaching.  Assisting people with their self-image through sharing information and product knowledge is empowering for them and satisfying for me.  Through working and partnering creatively with you to improve your self-image and ultimately your self-esteem, I experience the joy of making a difference. Our clients experience a personal shift in how they view themselves when they know they are practicing positive self-care.

It is true that people feel much better when they perceive that they look great.  I’m delighted to join Advanced Skin Therapy’s talented team, bringing beauty, both inner and outer, to you, our clientele.  It’s a charismatic recipe for success.

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