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Non-Surgical Body Contouring: The Future of Body Shaping

What is body contouring? The medical procedure of body contouring is growing in popularity in the last decade because of the implications for those who have a difficult time losing weight. Many people, especially as they mature in age, develop fatty deposits that are difficult to eliminate despite exercise and diet. Alternatives such as liposuction […]

thanksgiving foods

Five Thanksgiving Foods Your Skin Will Thank You For Eating

Several things come to mind with Thanksgiving, including sitting around with family, eating yummy foods, and stretch pants to accommodate both! Most people fret over how Thanksgiving feasts will affect their waistlines, but including the right mixture of foods can actually provide a serious beauty boost. That doesn’t mean going sans turkey and pie, either. […]


NEW! UltraShape™ Body Contouring & Fat Reduction

Losing fat may be the most common and hardest fitness goal for men and women. Many of us are struggling to lose weight and stubborn fat! Now there is a new procedure that is FDA proven to destroy fat cells. The Non-Invasive Fat Reduction that Everyone is Talking About!! UltraShape Power is the first and […]

Autumn Beauty Tips

5 Autumn Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin

The fall months are known for having beautiful weather that features abundant sunshine coupled with cool, crisp temperatures. You might think that your skin would naturally radiate beauty and health in these gorgeous conditions, but the unfortunate reality is that autumn weather can be difficult on your skin. After all, the air may be drier […]


The Top 7 Things to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a major trend in the beauty world. Considering the popularity of strip lashes and lash extensions, it’s clear that mascara is no longer enough! Longer lashes truly have magical powers. Whether it’s for the sheer beauty of fuller lashes or for the enjoyment of having a more “exotic” look, making the most […]

Laser Hair Removal

All You’ve Wanted to Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion in recent years, but many find themselves still foggy on the ins and outs of this cosmetic procedure. For that reason, this article will give a quick overview of laser hair removal from safety concerns, how the procedure is performed, cost, and results. Is […]


Your Ultimate Guide for a Healthy Skin This Summer

  Basking in the sun all day by the beach feels great, but neglecting to properly take care of your skin can do some serious damage! Taking care of your skin this summer doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Get into the habit of this daily skin care routine to maintain that flawless, sun-kissed […]


How to Tighten Sagging Skin On Your Face

With each passing year, you may notice that the skin on your face gets less taut and firm! It begins to develop fine lines, and these are followed by progressively deeper lines. Skin begins to sag, and you may notice that your facial skin has a droopy appearance. These are signs of aging that can […]

beauty tips

10 Beauty Tips to Freshen Up This Spring

Spring is a season of renewal! It also is a time with rapidly changing weather conditions, for spending more time outdoors, and for showing off more skin! You understandably want to look as fresh and vibrant as possible this spring and beyond. Here are essential beauty tips to help you to make a wonderful transition into […]

fine lines and wrinkles

How to Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles on Your Face

Fine lines and wrinkles are associated with aging, but they also can be caused in part by genetics, exposure to UV rays and more. You may think that once the first signs of lines and wrinkles appear, you must simply accept the fact that you have irreversible features that make you look older than you […]

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